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August 4, 2016

Traveling to the Rio Olympics? Get a Temporary Phone number for Your Trip – and Remember the Mosquito Repellent.

Next to Sochi, no other Olympics in recent memory seems as chaotic as the one that’s about to get underway in Rio. Let’s look at a brief synopsis of what’s happened so far.

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de JaneiroThe President of Brazil has been suspended from her duties on charges of taking part in illegally playing with state funds, and will not attend the opening of her own country’s Olympics.

A large number of Brazil’s top politicians and business elite have been implicated in a widening corruption scandal with evidence that it also involved construction contracts used to build Olympic venues.

Areas of the Atlantic Ocean designated for some swimming events remain polluted from human sewage, meaning swimmers will be going for gold amid fetid water that could also mean they’ll take home a virus or illness from bacteria lurking on the surface.


Zika Virus

And let’s not forget the Zika virus. You can get it through a mosquito bite or it can be passed by men through sexual contact. Although it’s said symptoms themselves aren’t severe, it’s been found that it can be linked to birth defects with children, and has prompted some doctors to urge the World Health Organization to move the Olympics as a precaution.

Add in the Olympic Committee’s partial ban of Russian athletes at the Games for a prior doping scandal, and from a certain perspective, you might say Rio 2016 has already become a historic event.

Nevertheless, after all of that: the show has promised to go on. And, if you’re travelling to Rio to see it first hand, remember to bring mosquito repellent, and also look at other safety advice from the WHO.

We know. Anyone could have told you that. So, what can we offer apart from encouragement? We think we can help make it easier for you to use a phone while you’re there.


Get a Brazilian Phone Number in a Flash

The Hushed burner number app can give you a Brazilian number so you don’t have to bother with your phone provider back home.

You can activate a temporary number immediately through your smartphone. Given how many people will be travelling to Rio, this means it will save you from tracking down a SIM card to do a swap once you arrive.

The other bonus is that with a temporary, Brazilian number you can protect your privacy by keeping your private number concealed from view.

Your temporary number will work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone.

The only difference is when someone calls or sends a message to your temporary phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed. And once the Olympics are over, you can delete your temporary number.

It’s a straightforward way to make sure you can communicate seamlessly from the time you touch down in Rio to the time you return home.


Reduce the Hassle While You’re in Rio

Rio Olympic Fireworks over StadiumThe Olympics are massive in scope wherever they are held, and being an Olympic spectator might be its own version of an Olympic sport, from organizing tickets to watch certain events while you’re there to figuring out transportation to take you from one event to the next then back to where you’re staying.

Now consider the further safety precautions around visiting Rio and you might find you have a lot to plan for.

Hushed is one small way you might reduce the demands on your time, helping you focus on things that matter more, like another layer of mosquito repellent and getting good seats at beach volleyball.

Try out Hushed today and see how a temporary number could help make your trip to Rio 2016 a little bit smoother.

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