Why Download the Hushed App?

Why should you download the Hushed app for Android and iOS?

In an era of social networking sites and online communities, it’s vital to protect your identity and secure your privacy from other users you don’t know or have never event met. Even when you’re meeting new people at a community meet-up, while traveling on vacation, or mingling at a nightclub or local bar—you may be intrigued by some of the other guests you’ve just met, but still hesitant in giving your mobile number to them. The solution? A private, disposable number.

Today, a vast of majority of friendships, personal relationships, and business relationships are formed through the internet; either through dating sites, social media, or  networking sites. According to survey results published in the Los Angeles Times by Manta, an online forum for small-business owners, 90% of respondents spend their time building professional relationships and networking online and that 78% of them believe that social media is equally important to offline networking, too.

The goal of the Hushed app is to encourage users to continue the conversation on a more personal level, without compromising their security and privacy.

People need to be in control of the calls and text messages they receive, and a private number from Hushed app enables the user to do just that. Hushed makes sure that you have the option of deleting the specific number or extending it to push the expiration date further into the future. You can also add credit to get more more calling minutes/texts. Plus, if you need a long-term secondary number, you can select an Unlimited Plan subscription!

The Hushed app is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Download the app today to get your Free 3 Day Trial Number, and discover the different Hushed makes!

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