Gear Up for Buying & Selling with a One-Time Phone Number

|These one-time phone numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls
Guy looking at his phone inside house

You know that moment when you’ve got something bouncing around your head that you can’t remember and it’s driving you crazy? Then you only have to type or speak that something into your smartphone and voila, that single line from a song that’s been hiding in the shadows finally emerges into the light of day (or the glow of your LED screen).

And this might be the best part: you get to hold out the search results to your friend as a way to prove to him that you were right: it WAS the Golden Girls TV theme song, NOT the Facts of Life! For some of us, the Internet is the ideal vehicle to fuel these small victories.

Buying & Selling

But putting aside the glories of finding out something new, another great aspect of the Internet is its ability to find people who have things you never knew you needed. Craigslist is one such gathering place where you might have a shot at getting that rare peacock feather that will transform your life, a costume replica of an Ewok, or how about a lampshade in the form of a badminton birdie?

Of course, a majority of these online connections also require a connection in the real world, namely a telephone number you can call to find out where you can pick up your latest treasure.

But, if you’re like most buyers and sellers, you still want to protect your personal information. So, rather than give your real number to someone you don’t know very well, the Hushed burner number app gives you a number you can use one-time, just for that purpose.

One-Time Use

These one-time phone numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send one-time texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your temporary number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

This way your real number is kept private.

The other bonus for sellers is that with Hushed you can get as many one-time numbers as you want. So, let’s say you’re selling a bunch of things on Craigslist. You can attach a different number to each item. This can help you line up potential buyers with the specific item he or she is after, and help reduce confusion sorting out who is calling for what.

Disconnect Your One-Time Number at Any Time

There is a final key aspect of Hushed that can help you whether you’re a buyer or seller: you can delete your one-time number whenever you want. This includes one-time SMS.

For instance, say you met with a buyer or seller and for whatever reason, it didn’t go well. The buyer was an overly aggressive negotiator, the seller misrepresented himself, or maybe you just plain didn’t get along. No worries. With Hushed you can delete your one-time phone number immediately, and cut off communication with that person, avoiding any future static.

One of the best things about the Internet is that it gives everyone a platform to connect with other people. As with any new online connections, however, it’s impossible to figure out how close the person you’re about to meet is to their online profile. Sometimes it’s a close match. Other times…

Hushed can cover this uncertainty by giving you a layer of privacy before you meet someone for the first time, such as when you’re a buyer or a seller on Craigslist.

Are you hoping to get rid of a bike to clear room for a new one? Or maybe looking for a new bike to buy this summer?

Set yourself up with one-time numbers through Hushed and buy and sell with more peace of mind.