Stop Regret In Its Tracks With the Help of a Burner Number for Dating.


It makes a nice motivational poster, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen it on a t-shirt or five. But really, is it even possible to have no regrets?

Think of all the dumb stuff you’ve done in your life. Is there anything in that pile that you wished you hadn’t done? Stealing your best friend’s lunch money in elementary school. Cheating on a test. Not trying out for a sports team. Breaking up with someone.

Sure, you might not be beating yourself up about it years later, but if you had another chance at reliving that moment with what you know now, what choice would you make?

Now consider your dating life. It’s fairly likely that, if you’re giving it an honest shot, you’ve hit your share of duds along the way. Some dates in your memory might not be all that bad, allowing you to sleep at night. But others…

For some others, you might wish you had that memory-zapping device that Will Smith used on Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.

Will Smith from the movie men black about to Zap someone with sunglasses on
Photo via Sony Pictures

While we can’t remove the memory of a bad date, the Hushed burner number app can offer you some peace of mind. It can give you the ability to cut off communication with someone. Especially if you would rather run a marathon in 40 degree heat on black tarmac with no shoes – carrying a bag of bricks.

Here’s how it works. Hushed gives you a second phone number or burner number, which you can hand out to a potential date. You can get as many burner numbers as you want to make calls, receive calls or send texts.

The only difference is when someone calls or sends a message to your burner phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

That means when you’ve given your date a burner number and he’s pulling out lines from Jerry Maguire on a first date, you can express how much he “Incompletes you” by deleting the Hushed number you gave him.

This could also come in handy because it means you can avoid a second date where odds were high that your date had planned to hire a violinist to play Celine Dion’s “My Heart will go on” at your restaurant table.

Happy Couple holding hands tightly

Which of course, could be hilarious if he had that kind of sense humour. But for the sake of this picture, let’s assume he doesn’t. He loves Celine, sincerely. And hopes you will too.

Part of the fun of dating is the excitement of meeting someone new. But when you’ve got past that point of newness and something doesn’t quite sit right, it can come in handy to have an exit strategy that allows you to cut off contact for those times when your “heart would prefer NOT to go on.”

We can’t promise to shield you from a bad first date, but Hushed can give you added security to cut future communication on the spot. In other words, you may experience a level of regret with a bad date, but Hushed can at least help quarantine it, by keeping it to a one-time experience.

Dating is unpredictable. Hushed gives you a trapdoor in case things turn out badly.

Try out Hushed today, and see how it could help prevent a single regret or bad experience from getting any bigger.