July 7, 2020

SERVICE NOTICE: discontinuation of support for iOS up to version 10.3.4

In order to uphold performance, security improvements, and processes within the Hushed app, note that our upcoming Hushed v5.1 update (due mid-July 2020) and all future version releases will no longer support the following iOS devices and versions:

  • iPhone 5 – iOS 10.3.4
  • iPad (4G) – iOS 10.3.4
  • iPhone 5c – iOS 10.3.4
  • Any prior version of iOS up to version 10.3.4 on any device

You will still be able to use Hushed but if you’d like to take advantage of our newest updates and to avoid any potential service interruptions, please make sure to upgrade your version of iOS or device.

Did you know—

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