Safe Travel Hack: Use a Second Phone Number


Experience the world. But do it safely. 

When planning to head off on your next adventure, it’s easy to remember to lock your front door and fasten your luggage clips, but it’s also important to consider your personal safety, both physical and digital.

From the first steps of choosing a destination, booking hotels and flights, and any other reservations and correspondence, there’s a savvy safe travel hack to remember to stay secure and separate your travel plans from your personal life: use a second phone number

Privacy and Security

Depending on the company in question, entering a phone number while making travel arrangements might result in it (as well as other personal information) being shared with other travel agencies, hotels, airlines, and other relevant businesses. 

Once your number is in the hands of another user, it’s difficult to track. In the unfortunate event of a data breach, you might remain unaware that your phone number, or worse, has been compromised. 

Safe Travel Hack for Security

Safeguard your own personal everyday number with the help of a Hushed online number. Treat it as you would your primary number. Always use a strong password that you can remember and turn on two-factor authentication whenever possible. 

Spam Protection

Telemarketing or spam calls are unwelcome always but especially when you’re trying to enjoy your holiday. Imagine spending precious time away fielding nonsense questionnaires or robocalls (or even having to repeatedly dismiss or block unknown numbers). What a waste of energy that should be spent relaxing and enjoying time away. 

Safe Travel Hack for Unknown Numbers

Update all your relevant contacts with your Hushed online number. This might include any resources for travel, including airline or hotel memberships, or services used for booking. By having your second number on file it will streamline your communications as well as protect your primary number should it be shared. 

Separate Communications

Separating your travel-related correspondence from your regular contacts can help you stay mentally organized and confident in your security, which can help with a quicker shift into vacation mode.

Safe Travel Hack for Usage

Double check your app permissions settings on your phone. Any app that requires a connection to your number should be updated with your Hushed online phone number to protect your private data and information. Monitor your phone with regular security “check ups” to ensure that the correct number is linked to usage as well as to track any unauthorized or suspicious activity, including incoming calls or app prompts for information. 

An all-inclusive resort and a tent in a remote mountain region might offer different experiences but they both hold the same probability of jeopardy when it comes to your data security. Keep in mind the difference between thrill seeking and unnecessary risk. Even if you’d rather tackle bungee jumping or parasailing on your next vacation, remember the safe travel hack of a secondary number and keep phone-related risks out of the trip itinerary.