Hushed Private Calling App Connects Celebrities to Fans One-on-One with Hushed Events

August 8, 2014 (TORONTO)

Hushed today announced Hushed Events, a new way for celebrities, VIPs, Viners, and public figures to connect with fans one-on-one, voice-to-voice. Hushed Events makes the process of connecting fans to celebrities with live call-in events secure, easy to manage, and easily monetized to support charitable causes or other revenue opportunities.

Hushed is a leader in private calling with nearly one million active accounts using the service to manage multiple private numbers, place voice calls, and send text messages anonymously. With the introduction of Hushed Events and partnership with talent management firm MBK Entertainment ( artists like K Michelle, Elle Varner, Tiara Thomas, SVW, Fame and many more now have a platform communicate with and to develop personal connections with fans.

“Fan engagement makes or breaks artists. Social media makes it easier for fans and the artists we work with to connect, but we want to take that communication to the next level,” said Jeanine McLean, Vice President and Managing Partner at MBK Entertainment. “Our partnership with Hushed gives our artists the opportunity to make deeper, more personal connections with fans, increase awareness of their music, and articulate the importance and deep love they have for their fan base.”

Hushed makes it easy for artists to talk directly to their fans. Fans first download the Hushed App and find an upcoming Hushed Event featuring their favourite celebrities. During the event, fans receive one entry into a pool where fans are selected to talk live with the celebrity. Additional entries codes can be offered through promotions, shared on a celebrity’s social media channels, purchased within the app for $0.99, or earned by inviting friends to participate in the event. When a fan is selected they receive a push notification informing them that the won and to keep their Hushed app open so they can receive a direct, live call from the celebrity.

Hushed Events are securely managed through Hushed’s servers and organizers can customize event length, number of fans who can participate, and the individual call lengths to create a pool of eligible fans. No studio appearance is required during the event: celebrities can connect from anywhere with a wifi or mobile data connection from their iPhone or Android device with the Hushed app.

“We launched Hushed in 2012 because the marketplace wanted privacy and a better way to manage personal communication,” said Justin Shimoon, CEO of Hushed. “As a leader in private numbers and calling, we saw celebrities and public figures had unmet need. By using the Hushed technology our customers know and love we are thrilled to offer celebrities a secure tool for them to communicate with their fans.”

How Hushed Securely Connects Celebrities with Fans

MBK Entertainment’s artist portfolio is now using Hushed Events to connect with celebrities for interviews, promotional, and charity events through live voice and text chat.

  • Hushed servers selects fans from the pool of entries and initiates calls to the fan using a one-time Hushed private calling number.
  • Callers are further screened by Hushed event moderators to ensure eligibility and legitimacy.
  • A secure Hushed-to-Hushed call between the celebrity and fan is initiated through Hushed servers. The celebrity’s number or caller information is not disclosed.
  • The fan and celebrity have a live, one-to-one voice conversation
  • The entire event is automatic recorded and archived so the event can be published and shared.

The Hushed app for iPhone and Android devices provides a new way to communicate with private, anonymous phone numbers. Calls made with a Hushed number are securely routed to maintain privacy and the users can easily add or delete numbers in over 40 countries making them perfect for promotional events.

Celebrities and other public figures can use Hushed Events for public relations campaigns, interviews, and promotional events. Hushed also offers a donation feature that allows the celebrity or event organizer to crowd-source funds for upcoming projects or raise funds from fans to donate to a charity of their choice.


Hushed is a free Android and iPhone Phone app that lets users create multiple private, anonymous phone numbers to place voice calls and send text messages to contacts anonymously for both business and personal calling. Hushed has nearly one million downloads and offers local numbers in over 40+ countries with pay-as-you-go plans starting at $1.99 and $0.15/minute talk time.