Hushed Launches Anonymous Private PIN Messaging Service


OTTAWA, July 14, 2015

Since 2013 Hushed has focused on one thing: building communication apps that give people the most privacy. Hushed took off offering easy, disposable phone numbers and SMS messaging reaching 2,500,000+ downloads for iOS and Android. Now Hushed is taking the next step in private communication with the launch of Hushed Private Messaging.

Hushed Private Messaging was built from the ground up to provide a completely anonymous platform for people to exchange text and picture messages with each other. Users can create multiple anonymous PINs whenever they are needed. Your contact information and contact lists are never uploaded or shared, unlike other messaging services.

After installing the Hushed app, users create unique Private Identity Number (PIN) to share with friends or contacts. Hushed PINs are completely private and not linked to names, telephone number, or address: Additionally, your contact information and contact lists are never uploaded or shared, unlike other messaging services.

PINs are also completely disposable allowing one-time or limited use messaging. Hushed Private Messages are completely free to send and receive. Additionally, users can invite people to download Hushed through an anonymous text to initiate PIN-to-PIN conversations with people who do not have the app already installed.

To send a Hushed Private Message simply enter a recipient PIN, create a message, add a photo, and press send. Need total security? Messages self-destruct to prevent recipients from saving or sharing contents and messages are not stored on Hushed servers.

In addition to the new Private Messages, Hushed continues to offer private, disposable phone numbers, voice calling, SMS, MMS, and personal voicemail from a single app.

Hushed is free and available immediately on the App Store for iOS. A new Android version including Hushed Private Messaging will launch in August.



Hushed is a free iOS and Android app that lets users communicate with privacy through disposable private messaging, anonymous phone numbers, voice calling, text (SMS), and MMS to contacts anonymously. Hushed has over 2.5 million downloads and offers free private messaging plus local phone numbers in over 40+ countries with pay-as-you-go plans starting at $1.99 per month with talk time from $0.05/minute.

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