What Are Disposable Numbers and How Do They Benefit Us

|What are disposable numbers and how do they benefit us? We may have heard the term disposable number or burner number before but what are they and can we use them for.

What Are Disposable Numbers and How Do They Benefit Us?

When we hear the term ‘disposable numbers’ we may wonder why we need access to such a solution, especially if we already have a landline or smartphone. Doesn’t it just mean more expense?

To understand the value of disposable numbers, we must understand how sensitive our information is. While some people may not mind foregoing their personal details to use their favorite social network sites, others are a little more reserved, and want to ensure that their details aren’t used for marketing emails, sales calls or any other form of advertising.

When it comes to email, this isn’t too much of an issue, as we can easily sign up for an email account and dispose of it when it’s no longer needed, but telephone numbers can work a little differently.

Many us will opt for a contract when choosing a phone number, so it can be difficult to change unless something sinister occurs, this isn’t a full solution. Of course, we could opt for a telephone number that uses prepaid credit, but even this can mean handing over some details if we’re looking to get the full benefit of the telephone number we’re using.

We live in a culture where the ‘Internet of Things’ is prevalent. What this means is that more and more of us are communicating online, be it professionally or on a social level. Whether we’re downloading an app or signing up for a social network, there will be times where you find yourself having to hand over your phone number along with other details to complete a registration process.

While companies asking for information may have no ill intent, it does mean that you could be met with marketing calls and SMS that start to clutter up your phone as well as waste your time.

Of course, we could just avoid signing up for some services, but making our lives more inconvenient is not a solution. There has to be another choice.

Staying Safe in the Modern Age

A lion chasing a deer, we need to keep safe from dangers out there on the internet which is a wild place

Telephone numbers are still a part of everyday life, despite the millions of people using messenger apps and social networking for communications. While these platforms offer an easy way to talk to others, they don’t allow people to be their true selves when speaking to others.

This can be especially true when looking for a date. Online dating was originally met with some scepticism and ridicule when first introduced but has grown in popularity as it suits those with a busy lifestyle who simply don’t want to leave it to chance when it comes to meeting potential partners.

Despite their good intentions, dating sites can be a dangerous place. This is especially true when it comes to verifying those who use the platform.

Although for the majority of users, dating sites can offer a positive experience, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put our own safeguards in place. Generating a disposable number allows you to communicate with dates and dispose of the number should you no longer wish to remain in contact with the person.

When details are leaked, it’s common for the information to be shared on several platforms, so even though the data may have been erased, it’s still likely that other copies have been made and exist somewhere else online. Once your information has been posted on the Internet, it’s pretty tough to make it disappear.

While some may assume that as they are only using a conventional dating website, hackers have no interest in the user’s data, but nothing could be further from the truth. Customer data has a high value, regardless of how its distributed, so we need to be proactive when it comes to protecting ourselves and really look at how we distribute our personal information.

When getting to know people, the use of disposable numbers can be vital. While there’s nothing wrong with exchanging details once trust has been built, we should be very reserved about handing over such details in the interim.

Reverse Phone Number Lookups

Two girls looking up. As if to look something up, Some phone numbers can be looked up online and this is why a disposable number is important

Hackers aren’t the only ones who have access to your information, there could already be information online already. Where this information comes from can vary, but it normally means you will have entered your information and accepted some terms and conditions as to how this information can be used.

Evidently, not many of us will read the terms and conditions when it comes to signing up for each platform, which could mean we’re putting ourselves at risk. This isn’t to say that all the information online is up-to-date, but it is something worth considering moving forward, especially when it comes to your phone number.

There a series of sites online that allow users to enter a phone number into a search field, and retrieve the details associated with the number. Some platforms are deemed more reliable than others, but the fact remains that the threat is there.

Some may be worried about unwanted sales calls, whereas others won’t want their information falling into the hands of anyone with sinister intentions. There will even be those who just don’t want to their information online if there is another way.

The Use of a Disposable Number App

Girl on her cellphone using a disposable number from hushed

There are so many apps available to us, that it can be hard to decipher what is of use, and what is deemed a novelty. For example, there are several apps available that promise users access to free Wi-Fi, but the service could be mediocre at best, with the user receiving a series of online ads as opposed to the free Wi-Fi first advertised.

We also need to ensure that the solution we use is reliable. If you search any app marketplace, it’s likely you will be met with an abundance of apps relating to making free calls, but how reliable are these apps?

While no generalisations can be made, it should be noted that some apps tend to crash when making a call, or mislead the user that the app is free to use, only to unveil that this only relates to the basic functionality of the app. You can find out how useful an app is by looking at the user reviews on the app marketplace you’re using to determine whether the particular app you’re looking at is fit-for-purpose.  

Flexibility is another factor that needs to be considered when making use of a disposable phone number generator. Some apps may allow for the use of Wi-Fi when making calls, but what if there are no access points nearby. Similarly, others may allow you to make phone calls using your cellular data, but not over Wi-Fi. The use of a fake number means we need to be able to make a call, regardless of the type of connection we have. As such, we should ensure that we’re only using an app that offers both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity when making phone calls using a disposable number.

Access to More Than One Number

Hushed app multiple numbers screen showing disposable numbers

While some of us may only need one disposable number, there will be others who need more than one.  There can be a multitude of reasons for this. For example, you may have purchased a disposable number for purchasing items, but you don’t want to use the same number for business calls. With this in mind, we need to ensure that we’re using an app that can generate different numbers as and when they’re in need, while still offering an easy way to use them once created.

Not only does Hushed allow for the creation of multiple numbers, it also allows you to access them with ease. You can name your phone numbers and even add photo to make the numbers easier to identify.

While on the surface, the need for a disposable number can seem cut and dry, there are many ways a fake number can be used to ensure that we manage our lifestyle in the right way, as well as our privacy.

Disposable Phone Numbers are Ideal for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

Phone looking at charts showing, smartphones are useful for small business, a disposable number from hushed is great for small business

There can be several reasons why we’d scour online marketplaces for items to buy. Some people may just be looking for a bargain, whereas others may be looking for items to resell. Though this can be exciting, it can also be dangerous if we’re not able to put safeguards in place.

While the number of online sellers are reputable people with a string of strong sales behind them, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be proactive when protecting our personal data, especially if we’re making contact with strangers on a daily basis.

If we meet a certain seller, and we feel the situation is uncomfortable, then it makes sense that we would want to distance ourselves. However, if the seller has our genuine phone number, then we could find that that that could lead to harassment.. The use of a disposable number means that the number can be simply discarded should such a scenario arise.

The Perfect Solution for Those Who Need a Secure Line for Business

Fence held closed with a lock and chain, this place is secure and part of being secure is having a disposable number

When starting a new business, those operating on a small budget could find this an expensive option. Choosing a mobile provider could mean having to pay more than we need. Even a second SIM card can be expensive depending on how it’s used.

Using a disposable number is the ideal alternative, especially if you use a provider that is able to offer a flexible pricing structure. As well as avoiding unwanted calls on your personal number, it also allows you to keep your work and home life separate.  

What Device Should I Use for Disposable Numbers

While it stands to reason that a phone is required to make phone calls, not everyone will know what they need when it comes to creating a fake phone number. The first thing we need to ensure is that we’re using a smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This is because the use of fake number will normally take place via a mobile app. A mobile phone that doesn’t contain an operating system like Android or iOS doesn’t offer the same functionality as smartphones.

This doesn’t mean that we’re limited to a singular device. If we’re able to find the right app, then we can often communicate on tablets and smartphones. Although, a microphone will be required if making voice calls from a tablet, you can send messages with ease regardless of what device you’re using.

What’s more, you can be confident that you never miss an important call again, as the Hushed app will alert all devices of an incoming call, regardless of the device you’re currently using.

Safety in SMS and Online Messaging

It’s important to ensure we’re being vigilant when dealing with strangers over the phone, but what about people who want to converse with us via SMS or a messenger platform?

Regardless of the platform we choose to send messages, there’s a pretty good chance that we won’t be able to keep our details confidential.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that is used to stay in touch with friends and family easily but does not offer any anonymity other than an encrypted chat feature. This is because the verification process requires the use of a genuine mobile phone number to receive an SMS in order to activate the app.

The same can be said for the popular Messenger service offered by Facebook. Although the app operates independently from the main social network platform, an active Facebook account is required to use the service.

Although Facebook is a popular platform, it’s not a service that offers complete anonymity. Sure, you can fine-tune the settings so only certain people are able to locate your profile, but unless speaking with friends or family, Facebook probably is the best messaging app to use if you’re looking to keep your details secure.

The Hushed App

If we’re looking to create disposable phone numbers, we need to use a provider that is able to offer solid connectivity when making calls, and true value-for-money when it comes to plans, but searching for the right one can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there is a solution that can cater to all requirements when it comes to using a disposable number.

When we think of disposable numbers, we often identify them with short-term use. While many will be searching for ways to create a disposable number, the timeframe for which they require the number can vary.

For example, those listing goods for sale online may only need to have access to a disposable number for a few weeks. However, those looking to use the number for dating may need something adaptable depending on what occurs. For example, if you wish to maintain contact with a date, then you can simply extend the use of the number within the Hushed app. If the date didn’t go to plan, or you’ve become concerned with the messages being received, then you can simply dispose of the number and create a new one as-and-when it’s needed.

Created in 2013, Hushed has gone to become one of the most popular avenues for generating a fake number in over 45 different countries. Not only does this allow for communication to take place globally, it also ensures that the user’s personal information is never made available. Although there will be a requirement to provide some details, these details aren’t made available to numerous search engines as seen with profiles on Facebook and Google.

More importantly, the technology used within the Hushed app is the best it can be. Hushed works in partnership with Virgil Security to ensure that there are never any security breaches in relation to your disposable phone numbers or messaging options, thanks to the use of encryption keys.

There’s also several options available, depending on how often you’re looking to use the fake phone number.

All plans on the Hushed app come complete with the following features:

  • Disposable Phone Number
  • Custom Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Free Communication with Other Hush Users
  • SMS & MMS

Users can choose from the following options when it comes to plan options of their disposable number:

  • 7 Days with 20 Minutes and 60 SMS or MMS: $1.99
  • 30 Days with 50 Minutes and 150 SMS or MMS: $3.99
  • 90 Days with 100 Minutes and 250 SMS or MMS: $9.99
  • 30 Days with Unlimited Minutes and SMS: $4.99

This alone can be enough for the masses to embrace what Hushed has to offer when it comes to maintain their privacy online, there are other benefits when choosing the Hushed app.

Top Up Anytime

The use of some apps can mean that we’re given some limitations when it comes to obtaining more credits for us to make calls. While Hushed does offer a series of plans to ensure it offers value-for-money, it also realises that some users may need to outside of the tariff they’ve chosen. Fortunately, Hushed offers users the ability to top up at any time, and even allows several options when it comes to accepted forms of payment.

As well as allowing for Visa and Mastercard payments, Hushed also accepts Bitcoin, another solution that is ideal for those looking to maintain their privacy online.

The way we communicate has been amplified in recent years, and there are now hundreds of platforms in which we’re able to communicate. However, there will be times when we don’t want to be so forthcoming with our personal information, and this isn’t always possible with some of the solutions available.

The Hushed app can be used in several different ways, and with the price plans available, users can always be confident that they’re getting true value for money regardless of how they use the app. If you’re looking for an encrypted solution that allows for freedom without handing over all your personal information, then why not download the app today from the following app marketplaces.

Private Messaging

coin version of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple some additional ways that you can buy a disposable number for to use with hushed

Those looking for a safer way to send SMS and MMS can make used of Hushed Messenger feature to ensure that they’re able to communicate with people without having to hand over their personal information. All conversation made within the app are fully encrypted, and there’s never the fear of anyone being able to enter the conversation uninvited.

Sign on a door marked private, a place where where no one can hear the things people do or say

Rather than hand over our personal details, the Hushed app allows you to create a Private Identity Number (PIN) for you to share. These PINs are private in every sense, meaning that no details other than the PIN are given to the other party.

Users can then enjoy private messaging without risking their personal data. Even if you’re concerned about the messages you send being intercepted, fear not, as you can make use of the disappearing messages that are set to disappear with a timer you control.

There is also a group message option which allows you to enjoy the same features as you would with a single chat. What’s more, you will receive real-time notifications or user typing indicator, and when your message has been received.

2 person conversation in the encrypted messenger inside hushed app

The benefits of the group chat option don’t end here. Users are able to create multiple profiles and contain different contacts within each profile. You’re even able to assign each group with a unique name and photo.

Remember, communicating in the online world doesn’t mean we have to cease communication, it’s simply about the right people having the right number for the right reasons.