Fake Phone Number for Selling Online


Looking to unload some old outfits from your recent closet purge? Or perhaps you have some furniture that doesn’t quite work in your space. Maybe you can’t make a concert that you purchased tickets for a while back. 

These days, when we’re looking to sell something as a one-off transaction, most of us turn to the online marketplace. Think: Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or Instagram.

While the online avenue offers convenience, it also comes with its share of hassles and risks. Fortunately, it’s easy (and affordable) to mitigate the downsides of an online sale with the use of a fake phone number with Hushed

The Top 3 Benefits of a Fake Phone Number

1. Privacy

It’s nice to look for the best in people and, chances are, making an online sale in your community is fairly low-risk. Still, we can never be too careful when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families. The person purchasing your dining chairs does not need to see family photos or the layout of your home. Sticking to a fake phone number with Hushed can keep the focus on communications related to the transaction and eliminate inadvertently offering unnecessary information.

2. Security

Similar to the importance of privacy, using a fake phone number provides security by protecting your online assets and identity. Unlike social media and platforms that can be hacked or duplicated, using a Hushed online number offers a direct form of communication that does not require linking to additional personal information that could, potentially, lead to higher risk (such as your bank account). 

3. Streamlining your communications

So many apps, so much confusion. Leaping between direct messages and private messages and in-app mail can create confusion as to where your conversations live. Indicate your preferred mode of communication is your Hushed online number and save yourself the hassle of trying to remember where your conversations with the highest bidder occurred. Instead, use this one number for its one purpose.

Top 3 Best Practices for Selling Online with your Fake Phone Number

Now that you’ve secured your fake phone number, here are the next steps for a smooth and simple online sale. 

1. Include your Hushed online number directly in your item post. Indicate that the number is your preferred mode of contact and specify that you will not be checking or responding to messages elsewhere. 

2. Monitor and respond promptly. The faster you respond, the faster you make your sale. Unable to monitor? Hushed allows you to set up call forwarding to your regular mobile number. Anyone calling you will never know the difference. 

3. Once your item is sold, save yourself the hassle of responding to repeat requests by setting up an automatic reply to confirm to people calling or texting that you’ve received their message and will respond if the item is still available. 

Ready to Sell?

Secure your fake phone number here for just a few bucks and be ready to sell online without worrying about your personal safety or privacy.