What’s the Best Area Code?

|You need the best area code because your phone number reveals a lot about you. A prestigious area code impacts your income

You need the best area code because your phone number reveals a lot about your life. Choosing a prestigious area code can impact your income, your social life, and your relationships.

Imagine you receive a text message from a 212 number. Now, you may not live in New York City, but a quick google search will tell you that 212 is the original, and highly sought-after Manhattan area code! That conjures an image of the city in your mind, and suddenly you’re picturing Breakfast at Tiffany’s era Audrey Hepburn on the other end of the phone, messaging to see if that old bicycle you put up on Craigslist is still available. 

Okay, that particular visual might be a little far-fetched, but area codes do carry localized associations. Your phone number says a lot about you; it implies a geographic location, which on its own brings connotations of lifestyle, occupation, even age or income.

Do People Judge my Area Code?

They absolutely do! Local calling codes have been used to signify personal details for decades now.

Are you a So-Cal influencer, living it up with an exclusive 310 number? Or a die-hard Vermont outdoors-person with an 802 number? 

Area codes have morphed into marketing signifiers. If you run a business, then a localized area code to your operations is crucial. 

Those 212 Manhattan numbers are incredibly difficult to acquire, for the simple reason that they’re rare. 212 was the only code in the region until 1984 when supplies of the original code ran out and a supplementary code was added

310 Los Angeles is equally hard to find. There’s an entire grey market dedicated to the buying and selling of these elusive, prestigious area codes, and they sell for big bucks! Lucikly, you don’t need to spend much at all to get the best area code for your needs. Hushed is here to help!

What’s the Best Area Code in the US?

1. (212)  New York City 

This one comes with a caveat—it’s functionally very difficult, nearly impossible, to get a 212 phone number in 2020. Instead, might we recommend the overlay codes 917, or 718? These two codes cover the five boroughs. They’re in short supply, but they are possible to acquire, unlike the elusive 212. If you want a genuine NYC number, either 917 or 718 will suit you just fine!

2. (415) the San Francisco Bay Area

Photo of houses on a hill in san franscisco

Tech giants call the San Francisco Bay area home. Silicon Valley is where Apple, Google, Facebook and Tesla have their headquarters. Are you in tech, or one of dozens of adjacent industries like manufacturing or sales? If so, you may want to check out a 650 number.

3. (650) Silicon Valley

Going for a more tech-targeted approach than just generic “San Francisco area”? Invest in a 415 number. 415 is dedicated to most of San Francisco, plus sections of Marin and San Mateo counties. Either will serve you well in the technology sector.

4. (310)  Los Angeles

The 310 area code is very desirable and in high demand. LA is a thriving metropolis, and has a very large population. It’s one of the largest cities in America not just by population, but also by size, due to urban sprawl. A 310 number lets people know that you didn’t just arrive yesterday; you’re from here.

5. (818) Hollywood / (626)  Pasadena

The 310 area code has long been depleted, and as a result, it’s neighboring codes 818 and 626 are also incredibly popular. They’re also both more attainable, yet carry the same cachet of a true “LA vibe.”

6. (202)  Washington, DC

The 202 area code is the original code for District of Columbia. A 202 area code indicates that you’re a politico, or at least adjacent to the local governmental scene. Whether an intern, staffer,  federal employee or a politician in your own right, a 202 area code adds credibility to your number. 

7. (305)  Miami / Florida Keys 

Photo of white mansion

Miami is an international hub for tourism. Retirees flock to Florida from all over the country, and as a result the real estate economy is thriving.

The Florida Keys are a little more “low-key” (sorry for the terrible pun!), but are still popular vacation destinations. Tourism is a huge sector in Florida, and a Miami / Keys number will only help you market yourself in this area.

8. (512) Austin

Hipster destination of the South, Austin, Texas is the capital of the largest state in the US. Renowned for it’s live music scene, Austin is known for its eclectic music scene and local cuisine, Austin attracts Millenials like gangbusters. It’s also known for its burgeoning tech industry. A 512 number will lend you clout as a true Austinite. 

9. (206) Seattle

The seaport city of Seattle, Washington is another tech start-up hotspot (have you noticed a trend in this list? It’s almost as if tech giants love using local numbers!) Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. The Emerald City is served by the 206 area code, always in high demand and overlaid by the 360,  253 and 425 codes. For a Seattle local number, any of those codes would help you blend in! 

10. (617) Boston 

photo of a street with cars parked on each side

One of the oldest cities in America, Boston, Massachusetts is a modern metropolis. It’s the most populous city in New England, and it’s a major tourism destination. Beyond that, it’s the home to myriad educational institutions. Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Northeastern University are all located within or very near Boston. If you’re an academic, a 617 number may be the best area code for you, since a local number could be invaluable to your professional connections.

What’s the Best Area Code for Me?

Luckily, with Hushed, you don’t need to shell out a ton of money for the best area code. You can get as many different area codes as you want, and add dozens of numbers (or more) to your Hushed account! 

A sought-after phone area code is a valuable tool to improve your business life. It can also impact your social standing, or your credibility within your industry. If you’re looking to market your self nationally, you can select a variety of numbers in different area codes, and use them each as separate entities. 

Best of all, you get to choose how long you want that number for! 

In Boston for school, but still attached to your home area code back in Chicago? Not a problem, you can easily add a Boston area code to yoru Hushed account and use it for a short term Tinder fling. Or, if you’d rather hang onto the number, keep it for years to come. 

Based in Miami, but working remotely out of LA? Not an issue with Hushed. Snag a Los Angeles area code and work away—nobody will know it’s not your main number.

The possibilities are endless with Hushed! Grab a temporary number, commitment-free, and keep it for as much or as little time as you want. Get your best area code today!