What is a Cell Phone Number Generator?

|If you need a temporary number

Cell phone number generators are websites or mobile apps that allow users to create cell phone numbers. Some of these are fake, random phone numbers that are non-functional. However, some generators do provide real, working telephone numbers.

Let’s investigate the difference and the reasons why you may be interested in a generated phone number.

Why generate a fake cell number?

Your reasons are up to you, but we can think of a few cases where a fake number would be useful:

  • Give out if someone asks for your phone number and you don’t feel comfortable providing it
  • Use as a “dummy number” and list online when apps or websites require your contact information
  • Use to view number formatting conventions for local or foreign numbers

These are all based on the premise that you want a number that doesn’t work. For example, sites like https://www.getnewidentity.com/phone-number-generator.php  and https://www.randomphonenumbers.com/ are random phone number generators. They provide a list of miscellaneous numbers in a conventional phone number format.

These generated numbers may correspond to real working phone numbers, but it’s unlikely that they will be in service. Even if the numbers function, you are not able to use them to call or text. Instead, they’re just listed on the website so you can view them.

Why generate a real working cell number?

If you prefer, there are options for functional generated numbers. Reasons you may want a working generated could include:

  • Keep your online and real-life identities separate and protect your privacy
  • Use for calling or texting on a temporary basis
  • Use for online verification, (though this only works if the service you’re using allows VoIP numbers to be verified — be careful, some do not accept generated numbers)

If you need a temporary number, you may be interested in a number generator app like Hushed, which lets users create real working cell phone numbers.

With Hushed for iOS or Android you can choose a number from any city, state or area code that you like. Hushed has numbers in over 300 area codes in the US and Canada.

The best thing about Hushed is that you are not limited to one number. With the Hushed number generator, you can create as many numbers as you want, whenever you want!

What format does my generated cell phone number use?

Whether you use a generated fake number or a real working number, you’ll want to make sure it follows the correct number format by country.

For the purposes of this explanation, we’ll use a U.S. number. Telephone numbers in the United States follow this standard format:

The country code +1, followed by the three-digit area code, a three-digit exchange code, and the four-digit local code.