Why You Should Consider Using a Temporary Number for SMS


Why You Should Consider Using a Temporary Number for SMS

The sending of SMS texts is an everyday occurrence for many, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with issues.

Although communicating with friends and family rarely poses a problem, should the wrong person get hold of our phone number, then we could find ourselves in a distressing and stressful situation.

The most common solution for problematic text messages is to change our telephone number, and while this is effective it can be  expensive and time-consuming. You do then have to make sure everyone has your “new” number.

The use of a temporary number for SMS may not be the first solution that comes to mind, but there are so many benefits when using a temporary number for SMS, that it’s at least worthy of our consideration.

How Does Our Number Fall into the Wrong Hands?

Despite the fact that many do their utmost to protect their personal information, there will be times when it’s used in the wrong way, and there can be many different reasons as to why this happens.

Online Dating

A man and a woman sitting in a restaurant clasping hands facing each other

There have been many horror stories associated with the world of online dating, but the modern era ensures that those looking for their soulmate online are safeguarded. This includes high-end verification methods and the limitation of information available.

It’s also common for dating sites to carry out all messaging within the platform itself, with more unsavory member being shown the door.

Unfortunately, websites can’t handle all aspects of a blossoming romance, and there will be a time when we need to step outside our comfort zone to take that next step.

This will be an exciting time, but we shouldn’t invest our trust into someone we’ve only just met, at least not at this stage, but how else do we communicate with those we’re interested in.

The use of a temporary number for SMS is the ideal way of safeguarding yourself in the world of dating when looking to take the relationship to the next level, but offers a safeguard should things not go to plan.

Although there are several platforms online that allow users to send SMS online, they aren’t the most reliable when it comes to receiving a reply, often rendering the service useless for such a task.

However, using an app such as Hushed to create a temporary number for SMS gives you access to a number that offers all the functionality of a standard phone number, but can be disposed of when the number is no longer required.

Someone behind the wheel about to voice text

If a date doesn’t come according to plan, the majority of people will realize that there’s no spark and simply move onto pastures new, but there can be those who don’t handle rejection in a mature way like others, and some can find that they’re subjected to an endless stream of unwanted phone calls and text messages.

Hushed holds all its communications within the app, so should there be any messages that make you feel uncomfortable, then a few swipes can ensure you don’t have to experience any unpleasantness moving forward.

Of course, if things go well, then you may want to give over your everyday number, but there’s certainly no harm in making use of a temporary number for SMS during the initial getting-to-know-each-other stage.

Manage Marketing SMS

Ever been excited by a new text message only to find that it’s a marketing text? If you have, you can understand how annoying this is, especially if you’re waiting on a text from someone else.

Of course, there are steps we can take to restrict who has our phone number, but there are some services out there which encourage users to supply some form of contact information.

This could be in relation to a free trial of a streaming service, the use an app or details that allow you to find out more information about a particular subject.

This isn’t to say that every company with access to your information will bombard you with SMS, but we shouldn’t assume this will always be the case.

Others may like to receive SMS in relation to special offers and discounts but find that the SMS coming through to their current number is a little intrusive, and are looking for a way to manage their incoming marketing texts.

Using a temporary number for SMS can be a great way of managing incoming marketing texts, without the SMS hindering other people trying to contact you.

It also makes viewing the offers and discounts a more straightforward endeavor. And once you’re finished with the number, it can simply be deleted.

Buying and Selling

Buy and Sell Online

Some of us will be looking to see what we no longer need, while others will be searching for an online bargain. In some instances, people may be doing both. There are sites out there that allow buyers and sellers to communicate with within the site, but others sites may only offer contact details.

This is understandable but highlights another area where the use of a temporary number for SMS can be beneficial.

The majority of people buying and selling online will be a pleasure to deal with, but again, we should always be safeguarding our personal details when dealing with people we don’t know.

It can be a difficult pill to swallow, but there will be instances where people don’t act in a professional way and something they can be outright insulting. Nobody should have to deal with these type of communications, and using the Hushed app to create a temporary number can be a great way of ensuring that we’re no exposed to the rantings of disgruntled buyer or seller.

Of course, genuine issues will need to be taken care off, but those venting frustration because you chose not to make a purchase can be disposed of off quickly if the texts start becoming upsetting.

Ideal for Freelance Projects

woman sitting at computer typing

Working as a freelancer or sole trader will often mean that our number be listed on various websites, and this is essential when looking to obtain new customers.

However, when working with other professionals or freelancer, we may prefer to keep the conversation separate, especially if everyone is working on a project in real time.

Using a temporary number for SMS when dealing with other freelancers not only allows for an uninterrupted stream of conversation, but it also allows for the integration of tools like Dropbox and Slack.

This allows professionals to save documents, conversations, voicemails, and images to a dedicated cloud platform.

Once the project is over, you can keep the number going should future work arise. However, if the project is over and the number is no longer needed, then it can be disposed of off with very little effort.

Hushed is Much More Than a Temporary Number Generator

hushed number screenshot

Visit any app store and you will be met with thousands of apps that promise to make contact easier with others, but this again can mean handing over personal information to use them, which puts us in the same predicament as before.

Fortunately, those who use  Hushed for an anonymous number will also be able to use the Hushed Messenger.

This feature sits neatly into the Hushed app and can be used for conversations where you want to keep contact details to a minimum.

Rather than having to hand out phone numbers and contact details, contacts are given a PIN number that allows them to converse with you.

As well as being able to safeguard your personal information, the use of the Hushed app also allows you to set messages to disappear after a period of time.

Hushed is More Cost-Effective than Other Solutions

Hushed app graphic

When creating an anonymous number for SMS, there are several options available, but in most instances, they won’t be as cost-effective as using the Hushed app.

Some may consider the possibility of a second SIM card, and if you have a handset that can run two SIMs, then it’s easy to see why this is the first consideration. However, even using a SIM card can mean that you’re paying more than you need, especially if you’re only looking to use the number for text messages.

A contract will often mean you’re tied into a lengthy agreement, whereas prepaid options could require a minimum top-up.

If your phone does not support two SIM cards, then it’s likely you will need to use another device, which can mean more expense if you don’t have a spare phone to hand.

There are other companies that appear to offer a similar service to Hushed, but they are very different in the way they operate, and often come with a series of limitations.

This isn’t to say that there s no value in the services available, but those looking to safeguard their information should think twice before embracing the first solution offered to them.

Google Voice is proving to be popular with those simply looking for an additional phone number in the US, but unfortunately, this is all it can really offer.

Google Voice does alone for voice calls, but the service is limited to the US, so won’t be the ideal choice for those requiring a phone number for other countries.

Although the service is offered for free, it will require your personal information, so there is effectively still a price to pay. Not ideal for those looking to keep their information private.

It can also be costly trying to change the number, with a $10.00 fee being charged for each number change you receive.

Although Google Voice is ideal for those looking for a second phone number, users should be aware then it will be connected to their Google account, which means privacy is almost non-existent.

Another solution that allows for the generation of phone numbers is Skype.

With Hushed, You Only Pay For What You Need

Having been part of the telecommunication sector for some time, Hushed understands what tech-savvy users are looking for, and how important their information is to them.

Some may have read the horror stories online associated with data leaks, whereas others may have experienced a real-life incident and want to ensure that it doesn’t happen again moving forward.

The uses of a temporary number have already been highlighted, so it makes sense that different user will be using a temporary number in different ways, which is why Hushed offers several options when it comes to acquiring a temporary number for SMS, or for any other reason.

The price plans available from Hushed are as follows:

  • 60 SMS/MMS and 20 Minutes Talktime for 7 Days:            $1.99
  • 150 SMS/MMS and 50 Minutes Talktime for 30 Days:        $3.99
  • 250 SMS/MMS and 100 Minutes for 90 Days:                      $9.99
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS and Minutes for 30 Days:                  $4.99

Not only do you get a disposable number with each of these options, but you can operate as many numbers as you’d like. So if you’re planning to use one for marketing texts, and one for online dating, this is no issue, and you only pay for what you need in each instance.

It’s also worth noting that users can generate telephone number from over 45 different countries, allowing for more flexibility when using an anonymous number for SMS.

How Do I Use The Hushed App?

The beauty of the Hushed app is that you’re not restricted to one device or operating system.

As all phones calls, SMS and messaging take place within the app, you can use any device to view the SMS that uses iOS or Android as its operating system.

What’s more, the app can be installed on more than one device, and alerts will be sent to all the devices as opposed to just one, meaning it’s less likely that you’ll miss that important phone call or SMS you’ve been waiting on.

To use Hushed, you first need to visit the App Store or Google Play, depending on what devices you have. Once installed, you then set up your account and you’re free to generate temporary number as and when you need them. Calls come through to your device just like a conventional phone number, so there’s never any confusion when answering the call.

As well as being practical, using an anonymous number for SMS means that you’re not only safeguarding your phone number, but also offer delicate information.

Those who use their genuine phone number on their social profile may not have a problem with this if the account is only used to contact friends and family, but not many will know that search engines like Google will crawl this information, and there is the potential that the social network profile could show up if a genuine phone number is given to the wrong person.

Using a temporary number means that the number won’t be listed elsewhere, so those who try to find out more information using the phone number aren’t going to be with much more than a blank results screen.

Hushed is able to offer a multitude of numbers that can be used in different ways, and if you have no cellular service on your device, then simply connect to local WiFi and you’re good to go.

Using a number created via Hushed is just like using any other numbers, except Hushed has a few additional perks that you won’t find with everyday numbers.