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March 29, 2018

The Benefits Of Using Private Number Apps

Private Number Apps

Nowadays, we often wonder how we would survive if we didn’t have access to a mobile phone or Internet connection. However, there can be instances where we wish we’d never given out our personal details in the first place. Such instances can be uncomfortable dates, or unsavory salespeople. Although we can look to limit who we give our number to, the situation doesn’t always allow for this. There will be people in life we want to keep at a distance, and this could be for various reasons. It could be that the person is known for gossiping, or something a little more sinister. While this may sound a little harsh, everyone has the right to privacy, and no one should have to give up their phone number if they don’t want to.

Unfortunately, real life is hard to predict, and there’s no real way of knowing whether we will bump into those that we’re desperately trying to avoid. Just because we want to keep out distance doesn’t mean we want to cause a scene should we bump into the person during our daily life.

Simply refusing to hand over our phone number could means that we end up in conflict in public, which will only exacerbate the situation, but what is the answer?

Private number apps offer all the benefits of a second line, without the expense, and using the right provider means we create numbers easily with a few simple swipes, and dispose of them as and when we need to.

Why Use a Private Number App?

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The use of a private number app is not only ideal for those awkward moments, as there are multitude of reasons as to why you would want to generate a disposable number, some of which you may not be aware of. The following is just an example of some of the reasons a private number app can be beneficial.

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Retain Your Privacy

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In most instances, we won’t have a problem in giving loved ones and friends our genuine number, but if we’ve only just met someone and we’re unsure of whether the relationship will flourish or not, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

This is especially true if you use a dating site. Although there are safeguards in places that protect users, should you wish to meet up with a potential date, it stands to reason that some form of contact will need to be made if a date is to be arranged.

The use of a private number app can easily create a number that can be used to contact dates, and should the conversation or atmosphere turn a little sour, the number can simply be disposed off.

This isn’t to say that anyone who uses dating sites will automatically a threat, but it is something worth considering when looking to safeguard your personal information.

The Danger of Using Other Communication Platforms

When it comes to staying touch with people, we really do have a multitude of options available to us. However, not all of them will protect our details when it comes to conversing with strangers.

Just as we shouldn’t hand over our personal phone number to people we don’t know, the same dangers can be associated with social media.

For example, you may thinking nothing of adding a friend to your Facebook profile, but depending on your settings, much more information could be discovered, such as your location and your phone number.

Again, this isn’t to say that we should assume every user of a social network has bad motives, but we really need to ensure that we’re protecting ourselves in the first instances rather than trying to pick up the pieces at a later date.

The use of a private number app allows us to make connection with people with an additional layer of security. And should the relationship head in the right direction, there’s no reason as to why we can’t hand over our genuine phone number further down the line.

It’s not only those with bad motives that we have to be concerned about. While the majority of us will assume that our details are kept safe once they are registered with a company, this isn’t always the case.

Although companies do a lot to ensure that customer details stay safe, some may not be as technology-savvy as others, which means that the website in question could be compromised.

Any website is potentially a target from online hackers, depending on their goals. Although some may have unsavory motives, others may be showcasing security breaches in a bid to alert the company to its security flaws.

An example of this occurred in 2017, where a hacker group not only managed to take over Sony’s social networks that relate to its PlayStation Network, but was able to gain access to its main database. The hacking group OurMine did nothing untoward with the information, but it’s shocking to know just how easy it is for details to fall into the wrong hands.

Even using simple Messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can mean exposing a portion of our personal information. The use of Facebook Messenger will also need a Facebook profile, while WhatsApp will require you to register your phone number to use the service and speak to participants. Again, not a serious problem as we know the people well, but it could prove to be problematic with people we’ve only just met.

As well as the threat of online hackers, there are also a series of online articles that detail different ways of how WhatsApp can be intercepted. Although it may take a certain skill set to implement such methods, it’s worrying to know that there is information out there. This includes being vigilant when communicating online as well as ensuring that our security details are set in the right way.

Taking such steps will make getting to your information more difficult, but not always impossible. This is why so many people prefer to use a private number app for certain social network platforms. An information leak merely means disposing of the number, instead of having to communicate with the authorities and provider to obtain a new telephone number. There is also an added inconvenience of having to inform friends and family of our new contact details.

Avoid Being Listed on Directories and Reverse Number Lookup Sites

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The first thing to note about directories and reverse number lookup sites is that they only offer limited information, but this information alone could be enough to cause problems should your phone number fall into the wrong hands.

If using a private number app to generate a business number, then we can list this number rather than our genuine phone number, meaning that work life and personal life is kept separate.

Reverse number lookup sites will offer information about a particular number, and the information on offer is often pulled from other websites. While this may seem unethical, it is legal thus the existence of such websites. As we can’t take legal action when looking to safeguard our information, we have to take alternative steps.

Using a number created by a private number app rather than using our genuine phone number means that even if the information is found online and used in the wrong way, disposing of the number is as easy as a few swipes.

Buy and Sell Online Without the Aggravation

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The Internet is the ideal place to find a bargain, whether it be it from our favorite retailer, or a secondhand purchase from a private seller. There will be times when we need to speak to a seller to ascertain some further details, especially if we’re looking to purchase something expensive like a vehicle.

In most instances, many of us will buy from private sellers without incident, but should we really be handing over our personal details just to buy an item? Just because many people are able to make purchases without incident doesn’t mean it can’t happen. If you were to get in touch with a seller, and they become disgruntled because you’re no longer interested in making a purchase, it could lead to some confrontation.

Similarly, those who want to sell items online will often need to list a phone number or some form of contact details.

Using a private number app to generate a telephone number allows items to be sold online, and should there be any unwanted or nuisance calls, then the number can simply be disposed off.

Setup a Dedicated Business Line

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Regardless of whether we’ve just started a business, or we’re in the very early stages, it stands to reason that we don’t really want to spend more than we need to when it comes to securing a dedicated business line. Although there are many options and price plans available, they often come with a minimum term, and in some instance we may have to pay for extras, such as a voicemail options and being omitted from the directory.

The use of a private number app, such as Hushed, not only allows you to access to a telephone number for as little as $1.99, but there’s restrictions in place when it comes to managing the number. If you no longer need the number, simply dispose of it and there will be no need to make payments until you need a telephone number again.

Small businesses and startups that offer several different service could even set up  a series of different business numbers should they see fit. The possibilities are endless when using the right private number app.

The Hushed app can also be integrated with sites Slack and Dropbox. This allows for pictures, documents and messages to be sent to a designated folder for review later. Dropbox allows you to house incoming messages within cloud storage, whereas Slack can be used to receive messages you get in the app. Not bad for the price of a couple of cups of coffee.

Introducing Hushed

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Hushed is a private number app that allows you to create disposable phone numbers within seconds. In 50 countries. Although the numbers are disposable, we’re actually able to keep a number for as long as we need.

Hushed understands that no two situations are the same when it comes to safeguarding our information, and as such, is able to offer multiple options when it comes to creating a secondary phone number, which as are as follows:

  •         7 Days with 60 SMS/MMS and 20 Minutes Talktime:      $1.99
  •         30 Days with 150 SMS/MMS and 50 Minutes Talktime: $3.99
  •         90 Days with 250 SMS/MMS and 100 Minutes Talktime: $9.99
  •         30 Days with Unlimited SMS/MMS and Minutes:             $4.99

In comparison to a second mobile phone or landline, it’s much more cost-effective use the Hushed private number app.When sourcing a new telephone number, the old-fashioned approach would be to purchase an additional SIM card, but unless we have a dual-SIM smartphone, this means having to carry two separate handsets with us, which is far from convenient.


Although SIM cards are relatively cheap, they can still be more expensive than creating a disposable number via a private number app such as Hushed. Even though we may be able to pick up some SIM Cards free of charge, you will need to make a minimum top-up to be able to use the number. The process can end up costing us more than it needs to be. Even handing over the new number can be time-consuming if we’re using an old-fashioned handset, as the number could be listed anywhere in the phone.


The Hushed app was designed with privacy in mind. This means that it is designed to keep users safe, and limit the amount of information needed for a private number, while still ensuring the platform is used in the right way. Its vast knowledge of the communication field means that it is able to offer the customers the best security when it comes to creating private numbers and keeping their details safe. When using the Hushed private number app, we’re not only given access to a platform that is cost-effective, but also really easy to use.

Why Choose the Hushed Private Number App?

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When searching for a solution that offers disposable and secondary numbers, the services available can differ. Depending on the search terms we’re using when searching for a provider of disposable numbers, we can often be met with a multitude of options, but not all of them are as they seem.

An example of this can seen within the information contained at Although it lists a series of phones numbers that can be used, the site is really designed to promote its advertising, so you will often find that you’re clicking on various elements within the website when trying to acquire a disposable number, to little avail.

Rather than have its users navigate a complex and glitchy platform, Hushed ensures that its user-experience is the best it can be. Regardless of whether one number is created, or several different number, the Hushed app ensures that you have easy access to your numbers with no confusion.

Further Benefits of the Hushed App

The fact that a telephone number can be created from as little as $1.99 can be enough for the majority of users, but the benefits don’t end here.

The information that’s tied to social networks and messenger apps means that keeping our details private is difficult. Or at least it would be but for the introduction Hushed Messenger.Although options like WhatsApp offer encrypted chat, it still displays user details, so it’s not ideal for every situation.

The Hushed Messenger works in a different way, where conversations are created using PINs as opposed to contact details. This means users have all the benefits of a conventional messenger app, without having to worry about the information falling into the wrong hands.As well as being able to make voice calls with the Hushed app, users can also send SMS using their private number, just like you would with a genuine mobile number.

Another benefit of the Hushed private app is that all devices that have the app installed will respond to messages, SMS and telephone calls. So if you’re browsing the Internet on your tablet and call comes in, there’s no need to stop what you’re doing. You can simply reach for your smartphone and take the call. Similarly, if you’re on an important telephone calls and a message comes through, you can simply reply using another device. So, not only does the Hushed app offer a secure way of communicating with people, it can offer a lot more flexibility than using two separate handsets.

Downloading the Hushed Private Number App

Downloading the Hushed private number app is just as easy as downloading any other app. The app uses an operating system as opposed to a dedicated device to operate. So regardless of whether you’re looking to make phone calls via your tablet or your smartphone, the app will work in the same way.

The Hushed app is available for Android and iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. The app can be downloaded from the following locations, depending on the type of device you have.

Once the app has been downloaded, you register for the service using your email address and a password of your choice. Once you have access to the app, creating a private number is straightforward.

All you need to do is select the country of your choice, select from the one of the many numbers available, and then select what kind of plan you would like.

Users are able to create as many private numbers as they’d like, and even personalize the numbers and name them accordingly. So if you use one number for a new business and another for online dating, then they can be easily identified.

The app is segregated into two sections. The “Phone” section will show details of the private numbers you’ve set up, while the “Messenger” option allows you to speak discreetly via the use of PINs.

Essentially what you have is a complete solution that easy to manage, regardless of whether you starting a group conversation, or getting in touch with a potential date.


We have a phone number for a reason, and that’s for friends and family to stay in touch. Although there will be times when you do have to give over your genuine details, such as tax payments and police inquiries, it’s not required when meeting new people and registering for social networks, unless you want it to be.

Many will not have experienced any problems when handing over their personal details, and that’s great, but it’s not all about finding a fix when an incident has occurred, it’s about being proactive. As the Hushed private number app is flexible when it comes to its price plans, you’re never spending money when you don’t have to.

The use of a private number app ensures that we’re not having to pay a subscription for a secondary line, or make the minimum top-ups needed to ensure that the SIM card remains active.

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