Perfect Your Privacy with a Text Burner App

|a text burner is a phone number that’s disposable. You can buy them online through your phone with mobile apps like hushed. Great to keep your real number private.

Although many of us can marvel at how far technology has taken us, it’s not without cost. More and more people are becoming concerned about their online privacy, and who has access to their information. One way you can control that is buy getting a text burner number.

There are many places our information can end up, and sometimes we may not even be aware that we’re being so generous when supplying information.

Registrations to website often include an option that allows you to signup via your social network profile. This means that phone numbers could end up being listed on several platforms, giving those without phone number more to work with.

Of course, when it comes to friends and family, there is often very little to worry about. But when it comes to people we don’t know so well, it pays to be a little cautious.

None of us want to want think of the worst-case scenario occurring, but the only way of ensuring that we remain save is to acknowledge bad things can happen, and ensuring the relevant safeguards are in place.

What Is the Secret to Staying Safe?

Be it in the real world or online, there are many ways of staying safe online, it’s simply about finding a solution that suits us.

For example, those who may not want a lot of junk email will sign up for a separate email address that will allow for better organisation. Those who want to generate another number will often use a text burner app.

Unfortunately, the only real way of staying safe online and in the real world is to be pro-active. There are plenty of ways of doing this, so when signing up for a service, you need to consider some factors.

You will also need to consider your requirements. Are you only looking for a phone number? Or do you need some additional functionality such as SMS or MMS?

Will you be looking for other solutions, such as an encrypted messenger service? Knowing what kind of service you need beforehand means that you’re better prepared when committing to a solution.

Being Cautious with Our Details When Shopping Online

a fence locked with a pad lock

Legitimate companies will of course need details from you to arrange payment and delivery, but not every company operates in this way. In some instances, you could be in contact with someone that is pretending to be a professional, simply to make a profit.

There are even instances where numerous SMS are sent to a number, often costing the recipient hundreds of dollars.

Of course, this is a major concern for many, and many may shy away from using online services because of this. While it’s a worrying prospect, there is a solution in place. Husted is a text burner app that allows you to create phone numbers instantly.

Of course, you still need to consider other factors before making any dealings online. These include making sure the company lists a name, address and phone number, and is in receipt of positive reviews.

Private Buying and Selling

There will be times when an online bargain comes in the form of a private seller. These are normally everyday people simply looking to get rid of items they no longer need.

Again, there will be people looking to take advantage of bargain hunters, so we need to ensure that we have safeguards in place, regardless of whether we’re buying or selling.

This is where Hushed comes in useful again. Instead of worrying about supplying our real phone number, a secondary number can be created in seconds that allows you to converse with the other person, be it SMS or a phone call.

Should you be put in a position where you feel like you’re being pressured to buy or receiving abusive texts from somebody who didn’t want to pay a particular price, you can simply dispose of the number.

Apply for Job Roles with Confidence

A man in a suit giving a thumbs to a business deal done

Many companies will often list their job roles on a job platform, via a website or through a recruitment agency. However, smaller businesses may not have the capital to pay for these types of services. As such, they make use of local classified postings.

May prefer to use a classifieds site to apply for a job as it puts them in touch with the business directly, but that doesn’t mean we have to give our genuine phone number in the first instance.

Regardless of whether we’re asked to apply via SMS or via a phone call, you can be assured that Hushed has you covered.

Should you apply for a role and feel a little uneasy, then simply delete the number.

Stay Safe While Dating

A guy and a girl holding hands in a restaurant on a date

Some of us may meet someone online, where others prefer to meet a potential partner in a social setting. Both instances can be exciting, but that doesn’t mean we should overlook our safety.

Dating someone allows us to determine whether there’s a future or not, so there’s no real need to hand over our personal information as soon as we meet someone.

Using a text burner app like Hushed to generate a number allows us to stay in touch with people, without putting ourselves at risk.

Of course, if things go well, there’s no reason why you can’t hand over your genuine phone number. However, having a safeguard in place in the meantime ensures that there is less risk of unwanted attention.

Run a Small Business More Effectively

an operations centre at a business making sure everything is taken care of

It’s easy to assume that using a text burner app is only useful for texting, but it’s capable of so much more.

Those who run a small business will know how expensive a dedicated business line can be, especially if the company is in its first year of trading. As such, a company must look at where it can cut costs without it affecting the company.

Using a text burner app like Hushed allows users to create as many numbers as they need, and they can all be used for different purposes.

For example, if you need one line for customer queries, but another for orders, then simply create two separate numbers within the Hushed app.

Business users can also make use of the app integrations that Hushed offers. Incoming documents, pictures and voicemails can be stored to a Dropbox account.

Professionals working in partnership with others can make use of the Slack integration, which allows for information to be sent real-time.

Make Applications Without Being Bombarded with Phone Calls

At some point, there will come a time when we need to complete an application. This could be for car insurance, a credit card or even a store card. Although it’s understandable that some details will be needed to secure your identity, you shouldn’t have to hand over more information than necessary.

Those who have used a comparison site in the past will know how quickly their details can be passed around to different vendors, and it’s not long before an endless stream of SMS, MMS and phone calls.

Using a text burner allows you to create a number that can be used off for a one-off application, or a series of applications.

Of course, it’s important that you still have access to the phone number you supply, as you may need to confirm a code sent via SMS or answer some other questions over the phone.

Once again, the use of a text burner app ensures that you’re able to receive communications when you need to but dismiss of the number if it all becomes a little too much.

Considering other Solutions?

Using a text burner isn’t the only option when it comes to creating temporary numbers, but it can be the easiest and most cost-effective. Even the purchasing of a separate budget handset and SIM card could be more expensive than using a text burner app.

Using a Second SIM Card

People unfamiliar with a text burner will usually look at other SIM cards for a second phone number. However, this can be expensive, even if you’re able to use an old handset.

Although some SIM cards are cheap to purchase, there will often be a minimum top up amount. Different carriers will also have different terms and conditions that need to be met.

There’s also the fact that using a second SIM card only gives you access to a mobile number, whereas an app like Hushed gives a more varied selection, with numbers being available in over 45 countries.

Should you wish to get rid of the number, then you would need to purchase another SIM and start the whole process again.

As such, it can become an expensive endeavour, especially if you’re going to be using a lot of numbers at once.

Using Google Voice or Skype

Both Microsoft and Google offer users access to a second line, albeit in different ways.

Skype was bought by Microsoft back in 2011 and has since become integrated into the Microsoft suite of services. As well as offering customers phone numbers, it also allows foe web-based communication.

Google Voice is a basic US number available to those with a Google account. Unfortunately, the number is restricted to the US, and there is a charge should users want to change their number in the future.

Not only are both of these services restricted when it comes to the disposal and creation of new numbers, they also require a lot of personal information to be used.

Although there Is encryption available on both services, this only applies to unwanted outside parties. Much of the information garnered on the servers of Google and Microsoft will be used for analysis.

Using Hushed

Using Hushed is simple and can be downloaded to any device running iOS or Google via the following platforms.

Once you have downloaded the app to your device, you simply need to register an account. It’s worth noting that none of this information goes beyond Hushed, so you don’t have to worry about information finding its way online. If you delete information in the app. It’s gone forever off of hushed’s servers.

Why Rely on an App?

Before the popularity of apps, it’s safe to say that staying anonymous in the past was a little difficult. Although numbers could be withheld, there wasn’t a real way of securing a second number unless you were willing to carry around an additional handset.

The world of today is much different, and rather than there be a lack of services, there is an abundance, so it can be difficult to wade through the options and choose a suitable solution.

However, those looking for privacy will find many of the options limited when it comes to keeping information private, which is why Hushed is such a popular platform for those that need easy access to numbers at a moments notice.

When relying in a sole device, there can be more work involved should it go astray. Using an app simply allows you to transfer your data to another device.

This means that if you lose your phone, you can simply log into another device and pick up where you left off.

Hushed can be installed in several devices at the same time, and all of them will operate in real-time, meaning there is little chance of you missing a phone call or important SMS ever again.

a guy leaning against a brick wall checking his phone

Regardless of whether you’re connected to WI-FI or a cellular signal, you will always receive your communications. This feature gives Hushed more flexibility when compared to other solutions, who often require use of one of the other in relation to phone calls.


As stated, many of us will be using a text burner app for different reasons, but everyone will need access to a service they can rely on. Hushed offers more than just phone numbers, it also offers the following benefits:

  • Cost-Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Generate Phone Numbers
  • Free Hushed Messenger
  • Numbers Available in Over 45 Countries
  • Can Be Used on Any iOS or Android Device
  • No Time Limit on Phone Numbers

Using the Hushed text burner app can ensure that we’re giving access to a phone number for several reasons, including protecting our identity.

  • Generate Numbers for Dating
  • Use as a Dedicated Business Line
  • Limit the Information You Share with Others

Not every scenario will require the use of a text burner app, but it’s important to be aware of the scenarios that do. As there is no commitment required when using the Hushed app, you can download and have it ready without the fear of hidden charges.