April 23, 2018

The Benefits of a Burner Phone App

Nowadays, there are so many ways for us to converse with people, many of us may wonder why we even need a phone number. However, the truth remains that the humble old school phone line remains an integral part of communications, regardless of whether we’re using a phone number for personal or business reasons.

Just because there are several benefits associated with a phone line doesn’t mean that we should be disclosing our information to anyone who asks. Although there are times when you should disclose your genuine information, there are times when you should think twice before disclosing our details.

Of course, real life doesn’t always go the way we planned, and there will also be times where we’re put on the spot when it comes to handing over our contact details. Fortunately, making use of a burner phone app can mean that you’re still able to communicate effectively.

What Is a Burner Phone App?

Burner phone app

A burner phone app is essentially an app that allows users to create a completely new phone number which can be used as a conventional phone number, but can be disposed of when no longer needed, and can help protect users safeguard their information online.

Hushed is a burner phone app that delivers a vast selection of numbers across the globe and allows users to set up as many numbers as they need. Some may wonder why they would need access to more than one number via a burner phone app, but you’d be surprised at the benefits a burner phone app can offer.

Meet New People Without Worrying

Meeting new people

Meeting new people is one of the most enjoyable aspects of everyday life, regardless of whether you’re making new friends or looking to find that someone special online. However, we need to ensure that we’re protecting ourselves whenever possible.

Sites that promote interactions with new people will often have a series of safeguards in place, but we also need to be proactive when taking control of the conversation ourselves.

For example, many sites will encourage communications via their platform, but ultimately there will come a time when some want to take their relationship to the next level. While this is understandable, we also must carry out some risk assessment to ensure that we’re not placing ourselves in a difficult situation.

Consider this. We’ve been speaking to someone online, and so far, things are going well. It’s at this point that many would consider handing over their phone number to make further arrangements. However, if it’s evident that there’s no spark, it stands to reason that you want to move on.

Unfortunately, some people handle rejection in many ways, and one of the more common responses can be continuous text messages which may not mean to be upsetting, but can soon become a hindrance, especially if we’re not wanting to maintain contact.

We also need to consider the other ramification of giving strangers our phone number. If we have social networks online that also contain our phone number, then finding these using a few online searches shouldn’t pose a problem to those with the information.

However, the use of a burner phone app can help protect us in different ways. In the first instance, users can generate a number on the Hushed burner phone app, and then provide this to the person they’re looking to meet. Should we find ourselves in the position of not enjoying the meeting, then we can still make our excuses and hope that the other party understands.

If we do find that we’re met with an endless stream of unwanted messages, then stopping contact is as easy as deleting the number. What’s more, as the number is completely original, there won’t be any online information surrounding the number, meaning that no additional information can be found when entering the phone number into a search engine.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

We could be browsing a magazine or searching online when an offer comes up that seems too good to be true. However, providing companies with our everyday phone number could mean that we’re blighted with a series of unwanted texts or telephone calls.

The use of a burner phone app like Hushed allows you to create a number that could be used for special offers and newsletters alone. And even if this become too much you can simply dispose off the number easily.

Having a number to hand allows us to make use of free trials and special offers, without having to be subjected to any sales patter as a result.

Buy and Sell with Peace-of-Mind

Buy Sell

The Internet has been adopted by the masses when it comes to making money online. Some will look to start an online business, whereas others may be looking to make some extra money by selling items that are no longer of any use.

The way in which people sell items privately can vary. In some instances, they may choose to use an online auction site such as eBay, whereas others may use a classifieds sites such as Craigslist to buy and sell their wares.

Unfortunately, there can be instances where a transaction doesn’t go to plan, and in some instances, it can cause a bitter atmosphere.

Those who supply their genuine number to buyers and seller online run the same risks of those looking to meet new people, in that they never truly know who they are handing their details over to.

Although problems with the sale need to be resolved, if it’s merely a case of someone taking umbrage that you never went ahead with the sale or purchase of an item, then there’s no reason as to why anyone should have to put up with intimidating texts or phone calls.

Fortunately, the Hushed app allows users to create and remove telephone numbers with a few simple swipes, so if Hushed users aren’t happy with the direction a certain conversation is heading, then they can simply dispose of the number.

Cater Your Contact Details for Roles in Different States

Trying to find a job nowadays can be difficult, but there are steps that budding job seekers can take to ensure that their resume is more appealing to potential employers.

Many will already know to fine-tune their employment history and references while also ensuring they’re dressing to impress, many may shrug off the importance of contact details.

Nowadays, people aren’t only looking for new roles, but looking for new opportunities, which can that their job hunt takes them out of the current state, or ins some regards, country.

Of course, many don’t want to commit to moving before they’ve had chance to secure employment. Unfortunately, if employers know that you’re not situated nearby, they may offer the role to somebody already in the vicinity. While this may seem unfair, it is understandable.

Many will see this as an obstacle, but it merely offers another opportunity for the Hushed app to shine.

The Hushed app allows for telephone number generation that covers a demographic of over 40 countries. This means that more often than not, there will be little reason as to why Hushed users aren’t able to create a telephone number relevant to the area they’re seeking employment in.

Additional Features Not Seen with Traditional Phone Numbers

With the slew of features available, many will feel that Hushed already offers excellent value for money when compared to other alternatives, but there are even more features available that could make communicating anonymously much easier.

There’s no denying that messaging apps have taken the world by storm. Platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have proved just how much demand there is for messaging apps, but the options available don’t always have security at the top of the agenda.

In fact, many are expected to forgo their personal information to use such a service. This is fine if we know the person, but what about people we’re still getting to know? Not only do people have to worry about how secure their personal information is, they also have to worry about the prospect of information from conversations being retained and distributed to unknown third parties.

Fortunately, Hushed has also thought of this, and is able to offer a fully encrypted messenger platform known as Hushed Messenger.

When using another platform, it’s not unusual for users to have to know a user’s details to communicate with them, or hand over a username or telephone number.

Hushed works in a different way in that it creates PINs for users who wish to communicate on the platform. This means that users aren’t having to disclose their information to have a conversation with others. What’s more, Hushed Messenger even allows for burnable messages to be created, which disappear after a set time period.

A Dedicated Business Line at the Fraction of the Cost

Although a thriving global enterprise will often need to instill the use of advanced telephony equipment, those taking their first steps as an entrepreneur will often be looking for a simple solution that doesn’t cost too much. This is another instance where the Hushed burner phone app can help.

Many small business owners will look to keep their work and private life separate, and for good reason. Both segments of our lives can become overwhelming, and when they start to merge it can all become a little overwhelming.

There’s also the fact that any business owners want to project a professional image, regardless of where the business currently is in its lifecycle.

business owner

As the Hushed burner phone app allows you to create as many numbers as you want, there is no reason as to why you can’t use Hushed to cover your business and personal needs without either impacting the other.

Although the numbers associated with your account can be deleted at any time, they can also be maintained for as long as you need it. These gives users plenty of flexibility when it comes to managing their contact numbers.

Users can also clearly label each phone number, so they can be easily identified, so users are never in that tricky predicament of using the wrong phone number or have difficulty in finding the number.

As the Hushed app offers phone numbers that are used just like any traditional contact number, and even come with SMS and MMS options.

Further Business Benefits

Given the benefits already listed, many may already be convinced that the Hushed app is perfect for their needs, but it’s always worthwhile knowing about the further benefits available, allowing users to get the full benefit from their burner phone app.

Software Integration

Software integration is something that exists on several different platforms. For example, those who upload pictures to Instagram will often find that they’re able to share via Twitter and Facebook. The Hushed app offers a similar feature, albeit with more secure and useful software integration.


Dropbox is a cloud-storage solution that allows users to store all kinds of documents in the cloud, such as images, sound files and documents.

If you’re using the Hushed burner phone app for business, then you may be interested to know that the app allows for Dropbox integration, meaning that users are never having to spend hours transferring everything over themselves meaning that the storage of files can be a more streamlined and time-effective endeavor.

Connecting the Dropbox Service

Synchronising a Dropbox account to the Hushed phone burner app is just as easy as creating a phone number. Users simply need to click on the ‘Gear’ icon which will take them through to the main settings screen.

From here, the ‘Integration’ option needs to be selected, where the Dropbox option can be found. Users then need to enter their login details and allow for the Hushed app to use the information to synchronize the two accounts.

Once the Dropbox service has been connected, users will be able to toggle the settings, so Dropbox is only retaining the information from certain phone numbers.


Although some business owners using the Hushed burner phone app will be working independently, there will be others who will be working in partnership with others. In many instances, business owners will use a dedicated platform to ensure that they are working in real-time with other professionals. One of the most renowned and professional platforms is Slack, a using the Hushed burner phone app means that you can use your number for more than business calls.

Connecting the Slack Service  

Much like the Dropbox integration, the Slack option is found via the ‘Gear’ and ‘Integration’ options. Entering the username and password of an account will integrate that service and allow users to transfer information sent to a phone number over to their Slacked account within seconds.

Not only are business owners given access to a cost-effective business line, but they are also given tools that can help streamline their everyday activities.

A Burner Phone App is Much Cheaper Than a Secondary Phone

When trying to avoid the perils of everyday life, some may assume that simply purchasing a secondary phone is more effective, but it can be quite expensive, even if you’re using a budget handset or second SIM card.

Purchasing another handset can be a common trait for those looking to keep their details secure, but they’re not always effective as first thought. The first thing to consider is that those looking to use a second phone will effectively have to carry two handsets around with them, hardly the most ideal way of managing your day.

Those looking for a second line for business purposes could find that they’re met with even more expensive and can often find themselves paying for a package that they’re not able to get much value from.

The most cost-effective way of securing a second line is to harness what users can currently achieve with their current handset. Hushed doesn’t required another handset or secondary SIM compartment, as all the features are contained with the Hushed app itself.

How Much Does Hushed Actually Cost?

For a burner phone app to be able to offer true value, it must be able to cater for different users, and this is where the true value of Hushed rises to the surface.

As well as offering options for the casual users, there also price plans in place that cater for those looking for a more long-term solution. The plans are available are as follows:

  • 60 SMS/MMS and 20 Minutes for 7 Days                $1.99
  • 150 SMS/MMS and 50 Minutes for 30 Days                 $3.99
  • 250 SMS/MMS and 100 Minutes for 90 Days                 $9.99
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS and Minutes for 30 Days                 $4.99

All you need to use the app is a handset or device that runs the Android or iOS operating system. You can find the app at the following app stores.

Another great feature of the Hushed burner phone app is that it will alert you of any calls or messages regardless of the device you are using, if you have the Hushed app installed.


Nowadays, many will openly hand over personal information, simply because they’re so accustomed to it. However, when we stop and think, the amount of information that we give away can be a worrying prospect in some instances. Making use of a phone burner app such as Hushed ensures that everyday tasks don’t have to come with unnecessary worry when conversing with others.

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