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May 8, 2018

Is a Burner App Traceable?

The exchanging of information is something that is commonplace nowadays, so much so, that many don’t even give it a second thought. However, there can be instances where in hindsight, we’ve been a little too careless in the handing over of our personal information.

Most people you come into contact with will have a phone number, so for many, this is the most popular way of staying in touch with people. While this is fine for friends and family, is it something we should be handing over to complete strangers? The answer, for the most part, is probably no, but not being aware of solutions such as Hushed can sometimes mean we’re not given much choice.

Although there are times when we need to hand over a genuine phone number, this shouldn’t be the case if we don’t know the person. To understand why some people employ the use of a burner app, it can be useful to look at the situations that can arise, as well as the other benefits associated with such a solution.

Meeting New People Doesn’t Always Go to Plan

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The Internet has allowed to make connections with people who have the same interest as us. However, it is also available to people who may have more sinister motives.

Regardless of whether we’re making new friends or searching for our perfect life partner, many of the platforms people use are more than aware of how important it is to keep its community safe, and while put some general advice and safeguards in place to ensure that everyone’s visit is a pleasant one, but what about those who want to take things further?

At this point, many will hand over their genuine phone number but can later regret this should the relationship turn sour. Meeting face-to-face can be much different to chatting online, and there will be times when a relationship just doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the other person may not be happy about this, and choose to voice their outrage using text messages and phone calls.

Phone companies will work with individuals who are experiencing nuisance calls, but this will often mean changing your phone number. There’s also the added inconvenience of having to inform friends and family to advise them of your new phone number.

Although the use of a burner app won’t mean the other person is any less volatile, it does allow you to break from the situation with a few simple clicks.

As many people use their genuine phone number to register for social networks, it’s likely that search engines like Google crawl this information and present it to people searching the phone number. A number created using a burner app won’t have this information connected to it, so once you have deleted the number, it will be deemed useless to anyone who tries to contact you using it.

There may even be a situation where you just need to have one-off contact with somebody and want to ensure that the conversation can end once the conversation has been had. Achieving this with our genuine phone number could prove to be difficult, but with the use of a burner app ensures that untraceable number can be created with a few simple swipes.

Buying and Selling Online Can Have its Drawbacks

Girl with brown hair sitting at her computer holding a credit card about to buy something

Regardless of whether selling items online as part of a business, or just to clear up some space in the home, we again need to be careful of who this information is passed to.

If you’re looking to buy and sell online to make a profit, then you may want to create a number that can be used for the long-term so you’re not having a series of calls continuously coming through to your personal number. This is especially useful if you need a dedicated line solely used for customer service.

Although those selling items now and again won’t need access to a long-term phone number, it can be useful to create a number via the use of a burner app to ensure that you’re not displaying information that could be used to find out more about you online.

There are a series of different platforms available to use when looking to sell good, such as CraigsList. While the majority of sellers who use this platform will be of good repute, there will be those with more unsavory motives, so again it’s important to ensure that the relevant safeguards are in place.

When displaying a phone number, we must take into consideration how many people will be looking at the advert. Even if only 100 people look at your advert, and 1 percent of those viewers were looking to use your information for more sinister motives, this could result in some unwanted contact.

This isn’t to say that things like this happen all the time, but it is something to consider when selling and buying items online, especially when the risk can be minimized using a burner phone app.

Of course, we have to ensure that we’re resolving genuine queries, but the fact of the matter is that some people are never satisfied, regardless of whether a sale has been made or not. Rather than be on the receiving end of their vented anger, you can simply dispose of the number.

Makes Awkward Situations More Bearable

Have you ever been on a night out, only to be troubled by someone consistently for your telephone number? Or maybe a friend of a friend is pushing for contact details, despite you not knowing each too well. People will have different restrictions on who they converse with, especially if their personal details are involved.

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Although we should never be in a position where we’re forced to hand over details, there can be situations that means handing over the telephone number will mean a less volatile environment, but this doesn’t mean we have to start handing out personal telephone number to everyone who asks for it.

The creating of a burner number is so quick and easy, that it takes no longer as if you were searching for your own number. What’s more, you can send text messages, picture messages and receive voicemail just like any other number. The only difference here is that if the conversations do seem to be taking a turn for the worse, you can simply delete the phone number.

As you’re not tied into any contract with Hushed, you’re only ever paying for what you need. So rather than having to reapply or pay excessive admin fees, you can simply use the Hushed app to set up a fresh telephone number on a tariff that suits your needs.

Why Isn’t a Burner App Traceable?

When navigating the online domain, it’s hard to know who to trust. That’s why some people can be dissuaded from using such a solution, because they believe that the burner app is traceable. Although this could be the case with other services, Hushed and similar products have designed their platforms with privacy as its key factor.

If you were to make a phone call to someone you don’t know, or give them details to contact you, it’s easy to assume that you’ve given them nothing more than a number, when in actual fact you’ve given them a gateway to gain more personal information.

Even if the number doesn’t show any details about its owner via a search engine, there are websites that offer information connected to a phone number, with some even being able to advise of addresses.

When using a phone burner app to create a number, it will have no connection to any other aspect of your life and can be sued in almost any scenario.

Other sites that offer some form of communication will often use your information for marketing purposes, which is why you can see so many tailored ads when navigating the Internet. Hushed does not operate in this manner and ensures all user’s details are kept safe by using the latest in encrypted technology.

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As the information goes no further than the Hushed platform, there is no data online to be found, meaning that the person who has the number has nothing more but a means of contact, not a portal to your personal information.

Using Other Solutions for a Telephone Number


When looking for a secondary phone numbers, there are other services available, but they may not offer the flexibility or value that the numbers created via the Hushed app deliver.

Google Voice offers it users access to a free number that can be used just like any other telephone number. However, as the service is used in conjunction with Google, there will be a requirement to open an account. Although there are options available that allow you to tinker with some settings, those looking for a temporary number that can be disposed of aren’t going to find the Google Voice service of much use.

Although users are given access to a free number that can be used within the US and Canada, calls to anywhere else will incur a charge. It’s also worth noting that while a Google Voice number can be changed, it does incur a $10.00 fee.

Another popular platform for people want to stay in touch with others is Skype and is often promoted as a free product for communicating online. Although you can use Skype for free, it does mean setting up another profile, this time via Microsoft.

How much it costs to use Skype can depend on several different factors. For example, if you’re based in the US, then you will often be paying a different rate to those in other countries.

Users are also able to create numbers in the US as well as other countries, but they don’t offer the security features of Hushed, and they can be costly depending on what the number will be used for.

Make Your Calls Secure and Cost-Effective with Hushed

As well as being curious as to whether a burner app is traceable, some may be dissuaded from using a burner app because they feel it will be too expensive when compared to other alternatives. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Although there are other platforms available when it comes to communicating online and via Internet-based phone numbers, they’re not designed with discreetness in mind. Not only does Hushed allow customers to select from a simple and cost-effective tariff for their new phone number, it will also allow them to change the number as many times as they want for no additional charge.

Hushed understands that its users don’t have the time to be working out sums as to whether getting a new number is possible or not, which is why it offers the following price plans.


  • 60 SMS/MMS and 20 Minutes Talk Time for 7 Days:                     $1.99
  • 150 SMS/MMS and 50 Minutes Talk Time for 30 Days:                 $3.99
  • 250 SMS/MMS and 100 Minutes Talk Time for 90 Days                $9.99
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS and Minutes for 30 Days                                $4.99

As well as being able to offer customers as many telephone numbers as they need, they are also able to set up custom voicemail and call forwarding, offering all the feature of a conventional number, with some additional benefits.

How Do I Use Hushed?

All of the features are accessible via the Hushed app, which can be downloaded for any device that runs iOS or Android. The app for each platform can be found via the following links

Once the app is installed, you simply need to enter some payment details, and you’re free to purchase phone numbers as and when required.

The app itself does not exclusively require the use of a phone, so can be used with tablets and computers that support either operating system. This ensures that even if your phone is out of sight, you can use the nearest device to hand to answer the call.

What Else Can Hushed be Used For?

hushed app

It stands to reason that if you’re looking for a burner app that isn’t traceable, Hushed is your killer app, but what other uses does it have other than to create burner numbers?

Dedicated Hushed Messenger

When using the Hushed app you will find that the app sits neatly into two sections. The Messenger section of the app is a free platform that allows you to converse with other users, while still retaining your anonymity.

Rather than having to hand over a telephone number or username, Hushed users can create PINs that can be give to other people, which will then allow for an encrypted chat to take place. Still looking for that additional layer of security? Then fear not, as users are able to ensure that their messages don’t linger any longer than they need to, as users can schedule their messages to disappear after a period of time.

An Affordable Business Line

The subject of staying safe online has already been touched upon with those who buy and sell online, but those in the process of starting a new company can also use the Hushed burner number app to create a dedicated business line in seconds, with no contract.

Need more than one line for your business? No problem, because the Hushed app lets you create as many numbers as you need, regardless of whether they’re for business or personal use.


It can be a common misconception that a burner phone number app has a minimum of uses. It’s also hard for some to believe that a burner app is non-traceable, but when using Hushed, you can be confident that you’re operating on a completely secure and encrypted network.

Many not be aware of the benefits that a burner app can offer, and the different ways in which a number can be used.

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