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May 8, 2018

Apps That Give You a Phone Number

Apps That Give You a Phone Number

Although there are ways of obtaining a phone number with the use of an app, there can be instances where this is more expensive, depending on the reason you’re looking to acquire a new number. Unless you’re using the phone number all the time, it’s often a waste of money investing in long-term contracts, as it could mean that you’re paying for a service, but not receiving the full benefit.

Even if you were to buy a SIM card that requires top-ups, you could find that there is a minimum top-up amount, which means that you could again be paying more than you need to in relation to a second line.

There can even be instances where you need to purchase an additional headset, which can incur even more expense, even if you’re choosing a budget model.


Although there are many apps available that can generate temporary numbers, there can be some factors of the service that may sit well with users who are looking for security and flexibility.

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Why Look for Apps That Give You a Phone Number?

There’s no one reason as to why people look at apps that give them a phone number, but the following is just an example of some of the scenarios that can benefit from the generation of a temporary number.

Online Dating

Millions of people have embraced online dating with open arms, and many have found their soulmate as a result. However, there are dangers associated with online dating, with some more scenarios being more dangerous than others.

For example, there can be times when everything seems to go to plan when it comes to online dating, until the two people meet. Not everyone was destined to be together, and if the chemistry isn’t there, then it makes sense for us to move on.

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Unfortunately, to be able to arrange a date, you’d have to hand over your phone number, which can have a series of ramifications should it fall into the wrong hands.

Although some people may only experience some bitter text messages, more severe cases could mean that the disgruntled party ends up searching for more details online using your phone number.

Fortunately, the majority of online users are credible, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look to protect ourselves when it comes to communicating outside of the dating platform.

When looking at apps that give you a phone number, you will often be met with a plethora of different apps, and it can all become overwhelming.

Hushed is an app that has been created with privacy and convenience in mind. Users simply install the Hushed app to their Apple or Android device by visiting the relevant app store, and then set up an account.

From here, you’re able to generate a temporary phone number for as little as $1.99 and it’s up-and-running straight away. What’s more, it comes with all the features of a conventional phone number, such as SMS, MMS and voicemail.

Dedicated Business Line

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As well as protecting our identity, the use of an app like Hushed can also provide the ideal solution for new business owners searching for a dedicated business line.

There can be a lot of cost associated with the setting up of a business, and it’s often thought that if a business requires a phone number, then it must sign up with an official provider for a set term, which can average between 12 and 36 months, depending on the provider and the service you choose.

Fortunately, there are other solutions available, and one of the most cost-effective and convenient is the Hushed app.

When looking at apps that can give you a phone number, it’s easy to assume that these types of solutions are limited, and in some respects, this can be true. However, those using the Hushed app will find that they’re introduced to a service that allows them to manage their phone number for as long as they like, but the benefits don’t end here.

As well as allowing you to send SMS, MMS and make phone calls just like a conventional number, it also allows interrogation with other work-based apps.

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As well as allowing you to save documents, pictures and communications to Dropbox, a popular cloud storage platform, you can also send information to the popular Slack co-working platform, which means that you can work in real time with other co-workers, regardless of you’re in the office or not.

Plan for a Career Somewhere New

Although some of us are fortunate to find work nearby where we live, there can be times when we must look at other areas, or in some instances, other countries to find work or find that perfect opportunity.

Although many use their current phone number on their CV, there could be times when this poses a problem. A company will often look to employ those from the surrounding area, as from a business perspective, these people are more likely to turn up for the role once it’s been given.

The Hushed app allows for the generation of number in several states as well as several companies, meaning that obtaining a new number for your CV couldn’t be any easier. Just create a new number for the desired area with a few simple swipes, and voila, a number that can be used for as long as you need, at a fraction of the price of other solutions.

Are There Other Apps Available?

If you’ve been looking at apps that give you a number, you will already be aware of how many solutions are available. If we download an app without being sure of its true intentions, then there could be some serious ramifications.

Different app stores are managed in different ways, which means that in some instances, there can be apps that have ulterior motives, which can include snooping on personal messages, as well as installing malware.

If a particular service claims to be free, then it can be worthwhile doing some further research. The operating of an app that gives you phone numbers will require a robust infrastructure in relation security, as well as being able to offer a seamless user experience.

As such, it’s unlikely that the service can run without making some form of profit, and this will often be done via the use of ads. While some ads will just pop up, others may be based on your browsing history, which doesn’t exactly offer peace-of-mind when it comes to privacy.

Of course, people may have already experience a poor service using an app they’ve not heard off, and will instead use a recognizable company, such as Google or Microsoft, but even these companies can’t tick all the boxes when it comes to offering a fully flexible and secure app that creates phone numbers.


Skype needs little introduction, as it has been a popular method of communicating online for several years. Although it started life as an online platform for webchat, it has upgraded its services to offer customer more choice when it comes to conversing online.

This includes the generation of phone numbers via its app. This means that communications via Skype can be carried out via a mobile device as well as a desktop computer.

The acquisition of a number is free-of-charge. However, you will need to invest in a package to be able to use the number for phone calls. There can often be a minimum amount involved when topping up a Skype account, so if you’re only to looking to use the number for a short period-of-time, then this may not be the most cost-effective solution.

Although there are numbers available in several countries, the total amount of countries amounts to 23, so although there is choice available, it may suit every user’s needs.

Setting up more than one number with Skype is also possible, but there is a limitation of ten numbers. Due to the minimum top-up amounts associated with Skype accounts, you could find that the use of several numbers becomes an expensive endeavor, depending on what you’re looking to use your number for.

Canceling a phone number with Skye is straightforward enough, but if there is still calling credit associated with the account, you will only receive a refund if none of the credit has been used.

Although you can obtain another Skype number, you will have to top up the credit for that number, so although Skype does offer several choices, it may not be ideal for those looking for more flexibility when it comes to creating temporary phone numbers.

The use of a Skype account will often be used in conjunction with a Microsoft account, so those looking for complete privacy may find that this isn’t always an option when choosing Skype.

Skype offers a practical and effective method of generating phone numbers, but those looking for more flexibility when it comes to cost and creation and find that the experience is a little lackluster.

Google Voice

Google Voice is effectively the search engine’s equivalent of the Skype service provided by Microsoft, albeit in a more stripped-down manner.

The first thing to note is that the service is limited to US customers. Not a problem initially but does mean that if you’re a Google user located elsewhere, then the service isn’t going to be available.

Although Google Voice offers a new telephone number, it’s very limiting unless you’re looking to use the number for the long term. There can also be issues if you’re looking to obtain new Google Voice telephone numbers, with fees averaging at $20 for a new telephone number. When looking at apps that give you a phone number, Google Voice may not be at the top of everyone’s list. Sure, it does give users a free phone number, but should they need more than one, then it’s going to be quite expensive.

Google Voice hasn’t proved to be too popular with some users, simply because it overlaps with other Google services. Although more and more people are conforming to a dedicated platform, it’s not unusual for a series of different services sit under one account.

For example, a Google account is used for searches, YouTube, various documents, social network postings at the very least. However, this means that should different applications be open on various devices, it can all become a little confusing, especially if a call comes through.

This can happen if you have Google Hangouts open on one device, and Google Voice on the other. Although it would be preferable to use the number on any device we want, some users find that the calls only come through to Hangouts, which could mean that you end up missing the call.

Privacy is again a concern when using the Google Voice service, because as advised, it uses a Google profile as part of the registration process. This means that the number may not be as secure as some would like.

Additional Benefits of Using Hushed

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When being aware of some of the pitfalls associated with apps that give you phone numbers, it’s not difficult to see why Hushed is the preferred option. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits on offer from Hushed.

The ease-of-use has already been touched upon when it comes to creating a number, but the Hushed app will allow you to create as many numbers as you need.

For example, those who require a number for online dating, but also need one for a business can do this with ease, and even name each number so there’s never any confusion when it comes to receiving a call.

As Hushed offers different tariffs depending on how long you need the number, you’re never in a position where you’re paying more than you need to when managing your phone numbers.

Those who use the Hushed are also able to take advantage of the Hushed Messenger feature. Sitting neatly next to the phone number section of the app, users can easily switch over to Hushed Messenger which offers all the feature of more conventional messaging apps, and then some.

For example, rather than having to hand out a phone number or username, you instead generate a PIN which is then given to the other party to allow them to converse with you. What’s more, messages can be set to disappear after a certain time period, adding that additional safeguard when it comes to retaining your privacy online.

Unlike other apps that give you phone numbers, Hushed is designed with privacy in mind. So, if anyone decides to use the number created via Hushed to find out more information, they’re not going to get very far. This is because Hushed never shares its information to any third-party. It is designed for those who want to retain their privacy and stay safe should contact with somebody new turn sour, as well as offering solutions for several other scenarios.

Hushed also offers phone numbers in over 40 different countries, meaning that there is more choice available when it comes to obtaining a number in a new area, or new country.

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