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July 5, 2018

Anonymous Calling Apps: Are They All The Same?

Alexander Graham Bell made the very first phone call in 1876, and things have never been the same since. Back in the primitive days of communications, there was less to worry about than there is today. The world has changed and Alexander could not have foreseen the kind of things people might need today. Specifically, privacy and anonymity in telecommunications. One solution is anonymous calling apps.

The Internet and mobile communications go hand-in-hand nowadays, and for the most part this can make everyday life much easier to manage. Regardless of whether you’re making a bank transfer or trying to meet someone special, more often than not, there will be an app that can assist you.

Although we shouldn’t shy away from the Internet and the benefits it offers, we also need to ensure that we’re putting safeguards in place when it comes to protecting our identity.

Online, we should be treating out information the same as we would in the real world. If you wouldn’t just hand over a phone number to a stranger in the real world, then why do it online?

Of course, it could be argued that the online world is very different to the real world, and the supplying of information is a given. In some respects, this is true. For example, opening a social media account is free, but it will mean having to supply information to be able to use the service.

Why Withhold a Telephone Number?

Seeing a withheld number appear on our screen can be worrying, as we simply don’t know who it is calling. As such, we can assume the worst and often ignore the call. However, the call won’t always have sinister intentions.

Some may be responding to a private ad or job listing and may choose not to reveal their number. However, if the other person assumes that the incoming call has sinister motives, then it may be ignored. This isn’t the most ideal way of getting things done, but what other solutions are there?

Should I Use a Second Phone Number?

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The easiest way of managing phone calls is to use a second number, but depending on the approach taken, this may not be the most cost-effective, nor the most practical.

One of the most established methods of acquiring a second number is to use a secondary handset. If you have a spare handset to hand, then you only have to worry about the cost of the SIM card,

However, with so many recycling their handsets, it’s often the case that you will need to purchase a handset, as well as some form of SIM package.

Although there are many choices available when it comes to budget handsets and affordable SIM deals, they may not be the best solution for everyone.

Those who only need a number for a short time may find that they end up paying more than they need to in relation to calling credit. Choosing to apply for a contract may give you a better deal, but it still means you could be paying more than you need to for your second number.

It also means that should you need to use multiple numbers, or change your phone number at a moments notice,

Using Anonymous Callings Apps

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Technology and the Internet have evolved and intertwined to become part of everyday life. As such, it should come as no surprise that those looking to generate a second phone number are overwhelmed with how many apps are available on various app stores.

ON the surface, anonymous calling apps can seem like the ideal solution. Nonetheless, there are still consideration that need to be made to ensure that the service you’re using is for you.


Skype is an application that was first introduced back in 2008 and has gained more traction in recent years thanks to its acquisition by Microsoft in 2011.

The telecommunications platform in its most primitive guise offers users webcam chat and instant messaging, but does offer other services, including a phone number.

Acquiring a Skype phone number will incur a cost, and how much you end up paying can depend on the country and the length of time you will need the number. So, if you’re unsure of how long you need the number for, you could end up paying for a number that you may not get the most value from.

Of course, if you’re simply looking for a secondary phone number that can be used in conjunction with your Skype account, then this solution is fine. However, those looking for a more flexible and secure option may not find what they’re looking for in Skype.

How Many Numbers Does Skype Allow?

If you need access to a lot of numbers, then there is an allowance of ten different numbers on a Skype account. Again, those who need flexibility when it comes to changing numbers may find that this isn’t the most cost-effective service.

There are also some restrictions when it comes to available areas. Although number can be created in over 2 countries. Other anonymous calling apps such as Hushed can offer much more choice.

Another drawback with Skype is that some numbers can take a few days to verify and could even require proof of residence. This means that those looking for privacy are best looking elsewhere.

What Is Needed to Use Skype?

As with most anonymous calling apps, you will need to enter details to set up a Skype account. As the service is connected to Microsoft, this effectively means setting up a Microsoft account.

If you already have a Microsoft account, then you will find that you more than likely already have access to a Skype account.

Encryption has been a focal point of Skype of late, but there is still risk for those looking to retain privacy, as they have less control of their data once its reaches Microsoft servers.

This doesn’t mean that Microsoft will use the data in sinister ways, but people keen to protect their information won’t want to take the risk.

Google Voice

It would be easy to assume that Google Voice is the search engine’s answer to Skype, but it couldn’t be any more different.

Google Voice allows users in the US and Canada access to a second number in their region. Unlike Skype, there is no instant messaging option (although there is a different service for this known as Google Hangouts.)

The service allows for free calls in the US and Canada, but there will be a charge when calling cell phones and other countries.

Should those using Google Voice want to change their phone number, then they will need to pay a $10.00 fee each time.

Google Voice is ideal if you’re merely looking for a number to use now and again, but it lacks the flexibility and affordability of other anonymous calling apps.

Using Lesser-Known Apps

Searching for anonymous calling apps in either the App Store or Google Play can see an abundance of different applications. This alone can be overwhelming for those looking to maintain their privacy.

When using an app, it’s important to look at the reviews and features it offers. It also worthwhile checking out what is done with your information, especially if the service is free to use.

Apps that offer a free service may seem like the killer app when searching anonymous calling apps but can often be a front to retrieve user information. This information can be used in various ways, including targeted ads and marketing emails.

There can also be other limitations with some apps. As there are so many, it would take too long to give a complete overview, but some of the more common problems include:

  • Limited Service – May Only Allow for SMS
  • Unreliable
  • Poor User-Experience

There can also be times when the anonymous chat refers to how the app is used, rather than being a practical alternative for communication. This can include connecting anonymously with other local users who have downloaded the app,

Why Hushed is the Ideal Alternative for Those Looking for Privacy

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Given that some of the apps listed in various app stores can be a little misleading, it’s understandable for some to assume that it’s better to avoid all apps. It’s important to remember that apps are effectively websites designed for mobile operating systems, so many different developers will be creating apps for different reasons.

Hushed was created with privacy in mind, so straight away users can be confident that their details are only used to create an account and won’t be sold to a third-party or used for marketing.

More Choice and Flexibility

Some anonymous calling apps may be restricted to a specific region, or only allow you to converse with others who have the app installed.

Hushed offers all the benefits you would find with an everyday phone number, as well as some additional extras.

There is also a vast amount of choice when it comes to phone numbers, with users being able to choose from over 45 countries.

Hushed Messenger

Hushed Messenger is an add-on that is completely free to use and offers users a secure way of chatting with people they’ve only just met. Rather than using phone numbers and emails addresses, Hushed connects users by the use of anonymous PINs. These are created by the person wishing to start a conversation and will be distributed to those they wish to talk with.

Once a conversation is started, extra precautions can be taken to protect information, such as setting the messages to disappear after a predetermined time.

Using the Hushed App

Using he Hushed app couldn’t be any easier. To get started, users simply need to visit the relevant app store, which are as follows.

Once the app is installed, you simply need to set up a profile and you’re good to go. Hushed users can set up as many numbers as they like, each with their own tariff, ensuring that you’re never having to pay more than you need to in relation to different phone numbers.

There is no contract associated with any of the numbers, so each can be used for different reasons, without there being any confusion as to which number is used for what task.

Hushed is So Much More Than an Anonymous Calling App

Although Hushed can be used to protect your identity, it can be used for multiple other reasons.

Dedicated Business Line

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Those who are in the process of starting their own business will want to limit their spending as much as possible, and one of the most expensive aspects can be a dedicated business line.

Using Hushed to create a number is much easier than signing up for a minimum term contract, and it allows you full flexibility over the numbers you create.

So, should you need two separate business lines for different facets of the business, these can easily be created and maintained within the Hushed app.

What’s more, there is the option to integrate with apps like Slack and Dropbox, allowing business owners to capture and retain information in an easy way, at no additional cost.

Ideal for Online Dating

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Meeting people online can be an exciting opportunity, and it’s not uncommon to forget your safety and give out information about yourself that’s personal. Information that is enough for someone to find out a whole lot more.

Although many online users will only be looking to meet a partner, there can be some who have more sinister intentions. The only real way of protecting ourselves online is to limit the information we hand over.

So, instead of handing over your genuine phone number, you can simply create a number via Hushed, and use this when speaking to potential dates. If you find the conversation a little uncomfortable or find that you’re receiving endless phone calls, then the number can simply be disposed of.

Buy and Sell Online Without Issue

When hunting for bargains online, there will be times when we have to contact private sellers. Although many online sellers are a joy to work with, we shouldn’t assume that this will always be the case. Similarly, those looking to sell items online don’t want to be blighted by upset callers who are trying to get you to lower the price.

Using Hushed to create a number exclusively for buying and selling allows you to take more control as to who contacts you. Of course, you need to ensure that you’re dealing with any genuine concerns, but if disgruntled sellers are constantly harassing you simply because they were upset you didn’t make a purchase, then you can simply remove the number with a few swipes of the screen.


The examples listed are merely a snapshot of how Hushed is more beneficial than other applications when it comes to generating numbers via an anonymous calling app. As well as being able to offer a slew of features, the Hushed app is also one of the most cost-effective solutions available, with no contracts or obligations when managing your phone numbers,

Choose a second phone number

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+ Unlimited texting

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