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May 29, 2018

Alias Numbers: What are They and What Can They Do?

When browsing the Internet, you can be met with a multitude of terms that all mean the same thing. As such, many may be perplexed as to what an alias phone number is and what it’s capable of.

An alias phone number is a phone number that is created by apps such as Hushed, and it allows a user to create a number for several different purposes.

Some may wonder what benefits there are when it comes to alias numbers, and why it’s more cost-effective when compared to more recognized solutions.

To fully understand the benefits of Hushed, we have to look at the scenarios that occur, and how it compares to other apps in relation to privacy.

Maintaining Privacy is a High Priority

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The way companies handle data can be a grey area for many Internet users, as it can be based on the business itself as well as the location of the user. Although many social networks will allow its members to tweak security setting, there will still be a lot of information available about the user, simply because the profile is online.

Communicating with people we know doesn’t prove to be too much of a threat, but if we’re communicating with complete strangers, then things may be different.

None of us like to think that people we’ve just met have ulterior motives, and the majority don’t, but the fact there’s a possibility of something sinister occurring means people are more pro-active when it comes to protecting the identity.

Why Everyday Phone Numbers Can be Problematic in The Wrong Hands

There was once a time when people wanting to withhold their phone numbers only had to worry about the phone book. Nowadays, our information can be collected on several different platforms, and some of us may not give it a second thought.

Some people may not have an issue with their information being made available, but others would like to retain as much privacy as possible.

It could be argued that only those with something to hide want to hide their information, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Users of the Internet will want to ensure they remain safe should the meet online friends in the real world and want to stop fraud whenever they can. This is why there is a surge in popularity in creating an alias phone number.

Where Information Can End Up

Many will worry about information falling into the wrong hands, but the definition of this can vary. Some may consider companies who share information to be unsavory, while others will be more worried about online hackers.

The truth is we have to be careful when sharing information. Many of us use services every day that makes information about us easier to find.

Although we shouldn’t shy away from the world of technology, there’s no reason why we can’t take control of who has our data and how it is used.

Something as simple as listing a genuine phone number on Facebook can be enough to leave a string of online information about you.

The way in which we use certain platforms can limit some of the information, but for the most part, there can be times when an alias number offers more value.

Those of us searching for different services online will often have to give some form of contact information, which is often our phone number.

Although many companies will treat your data sensitively, there will be times when the number could end up somewhere sinister. As a phone number alone is enough to find out more information online, it’s a worrying prospect.

Fortunately, creating a number using the Hushed app allows you to lessen the worry of unwanted phone calls, as well a gaining control of your online information.

Control Your Communications

There will be times when you may choose to communicate with people you’ve only just met. This is especially true when it comes to socializing and dating. However, if we hand over our genuine phone number too soon, we could potentially be giving the person access to more information about us.

While not always the case, there will be times when your phone number is listed n another platform, which could be a social network or a directory. When searching the phone number, there is the likelihood of more details appearing, which means we could be contacted via alternative methods, and it can be an uncomfortable situation.

Fortunately, this is easily rectified with the use of Hushed, as numbers can be created within seconds, so even in tight situations, there should be little need to feel flustered when creating an alias phone number.

Organize Your Life

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When it comes to organizing our lives, we’re fortunate enough to have apps and guidance at our disposal, but this doesn’t mean that those with one number don’t feel overwhelmed.

There can be times when we want to ensure we’re able to keep track of incoming SMS and ensure that they’re being separated for easier viewing later.

One of the best ways to achieve this is with an alias phone number. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated number for bank alerts or looking for something that keeps you up to date on special offers without invading your personal space, then Hushed is the ideal option.

Simply create a number within the app and voila, you now have a pro-active way of managing your texts in a cost-effective manner.

Separate Your Work Life

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Although many don’t have to worry about their number in a work capacity, others may rely on it. This is especially true for those who run a small business or operate in a self-employed basis.

Unfortunately, some may find that incoming calls to a personal number can be a little evasive. Generating a number via Hushed gives you all the benefits of an everyday phone number, with some additions that make it a cost-effective business solution.

As well as being able to receives SMS, MMS and voicemail, users can also save information to two platforms.

Dropbox is a popular cloud-based storage solution used by millions and offers users a simple but effective way of backing up important data.

Looking for something that allows for collaboration? Then why not make use of the Slack integration that allows you send information real-time to an ongoing project.

What about those looking for a professional but secure way of speaking with customers and co-workers? Hushed Messenger is an addition to the Hushed platform that offers a straightforward messaging solution.

Rather than having to give out usernames or phone numbers, conversing on the Hushed platform requires a PIN, which is generated by the user. This PIN then allows for conversation like any other messaging apps, albeit with a useful addition.

Messages can be timed to disappear, so you’re never having to worry that information is lingering longer than it should online.

How Hushed Compares to Other Solution Regarding Security

Hushed offers a straightforward and cost-effective way of generating a number that can be used for numerous purposes. This alone can be alluring enough for users to give it a go.

However, there are those who may have experienced some form of fraud in the past when using other solutions. This can cause doubt when a new solution arrives, so how is Hushed more secure than more conventional solutions.

To understand the full benefits of Hushed, we must look at the shortfall of other solutions. It’s worth noting that way some companies harvest information is within the terms and conditions, and its access to information that allows some platforms to operate free of charge.


Skype is renowned for its simple webcam service that allows users around the world to connect. It also offers users an encrypted chat, which makes Skype an ideal solution in relation to security, right?

Unfortunately not, although Skype does have safeguards in place when it comes to prying eyes out the service, Microsoft will still the use the information internally.

There’s also the fact that Microsoft requires its users to hold a Microsoft account. This is ideal for those only engaging in casual conversation, but those with sensitive information may require something more fine-tuned to their needs.

Skype users can create several numbers in many countries, but this averages on around 20 countries, and there can be times when users are waiting for a couple of days for a number to be issued.

Again, this isn’t to demonize the service Skype offers, as it has become a part of everyday life for millions of users. However, those looking to protect their privacy and options when it comes to acquiring a new alias number are best looking elsewhere.


someone holding a phone where Whatsapp mobile app is being installed

WhatsApp boasts an astounding one billion users, so it’s not without demand. How WhatsApp makes its money is unknown for the most part, as are the earnings. This is because the app is owned by Facebook, who don’t break down their revenue.

Although end-to-end encryption is in place, the app still has access to a user’s contact list. Users normally add each other via the use of a phone number, so it doesn’t safeguard information the way some users would like.

Again, for casual conversations with family and friends, there’s little to worry about using WhatsApp. However, those sharing information that relates to a business contract, financial transaction or anything else of importance will need access to a solution that’s more robust.

Google Voice

Google need little introduction. Whether you’re searching for something online or purchasing something via the Play Store, it’s likely that you will have some form of contact with the company at some point.

It should come as no surprise that Google have entered the market with its own service. Unfortunately, Google has only started showing interest of late, so Google Voice may be too limiting for some.

The Google Voice solution is designed for calling friends and family, so it can be unfair to compare it to other solution. However, some may not be aware of such limitations, so it’s something worth knowing beforehand.

The telephone numbers on offer are limited to the US and can be used to call other US-based number. There is the option of calling overseas, but there are different rates applied, depending on which country you want to call.

Google Voice is essentially a secondary phone number and is ideal for those looking to use it for casual chatting.

Again, registration will mean forgoing your personal details, which may be too demanding for some.


It’s no secret that Facebook thrives on data, and so by default isn’t the best form of communication when dealing with people we don’t know. Like any other solution, used in the right way, it’s a very enjoyable experience and allows us to stay in touch with friends and family.

However, it’s use depends on us supplying our contact details, so if we’re not careful who we add, we could find ourselves at the receiving end of some unwanted attention.

Even though the Messenger app allows you to make contact with people you don’t know, it still showcases your profile. This means that regardless of who you speak to, they’re going to be able to view your profile.

Again, Facebook is ideal for everyday use, but is probably one of the least secure methods of communication for those looking to safeguard their information,

Using the Hushed App

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Using the Hushed app is as straightforward as any other texting and messaging app, if not easier. Users simply need to download the Hushed app from the following platforms, depending on the devices they are using.

Once you have downloaded the app, you simply need to create an account and enter your payment details. Don’t worry, those looking for a secure method of payment can make use of the Bitcoin payment option.

Users then simply create a number based on their requirements, along with a tariff that suits them.

  • 60 SMS/MMS and 20 Minutes Talk Time for 7 Days:                      $1.99
  • 150 SMS/MMS and 50 Minutes Talk Time for 30 Days:                   $3.99
  • 240 SMS/MMS and 100 Minutes Talk Time for 90 Days                 $9.99
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS and Minutes for 30 Days                                 $4.99

Hushed users can create as many numbers as they’d like and are never subjected to any contracts or minimum terms. Numbers can be disposed of quickly and creating new numbers can be done in seconds.

Receiving and Making Calls & SMS

Hushed app plan screen inside the app

When using the Hushed app, you’re not limited to using one device, nor are you limited to one operating system. So, if you have an iPhone, but use an Android tablet, the app can be installed on both.

Once the app is installed on your chosen devices it works just like any other number. Calls are made via the keypad, while incoming calls sound just like they would with a conventional phone number.

What’s more, if your phone is out of reach ay any time, you can simply reach for your nearby device and answer the call.

Other Uses for the Hushed App

The Hushed app is so versatile it can be applied to almost any task. Those looking for higher security can make full use of the encrypted Hushed Messenger and ensure that messages aren’t viewed by prying eyes as it’s totally encrypted.

Maybe you a fan of discount vouchers and special offers, but don’t want an endless stream of messages in your personal inbox. Hushed is the ideal way of managing your incoming communications.

Hushed can even be used to save incoming media to your platform of choice, meaning pictures and images aren’t using up valuable device space and you can still keep them. You can save them to Dropbox!

Choose a second phone number

+ Unlimited calling

+ Unlimited texting

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