Make Business Travel Less Turbulent with a 2nd Phone Number


Most business travellers can acknowledge business travel doesn’t always go smoothly. Airline delays, accommodations that look better online than in real-life, the mysterious disappearance of your rental car reservations, and, of course, rarely enough time to see anything but the inside of a meeting room.

Roaming and International Rates

Another area that can often prove frustrating is communication. You’ve got a phone you use for business, but now in a different country or district, you’ve got limited options. One is to accept roaming charges, which, if you haven’t already got a monthly car payment, is a sure-fire way to invest in another version.

Or, if you’re traveling abroad, you can arrange a deal on international rates with your phone provider, which all hinges on where you’re traveling, how long you’ll be there, and, most importantly, whether you have a whiteboard to scribble out the physics equation that often results from this option’s complex details.

SIM Swap

What’s next? You could swap out your SIM card with one from the country you’re visiting. But wait: is your phone locked? Then this option is out. But let’s say your phone is unlocked. Now all you have to do is find a mobile phone store that sells SIM cards after you arrive. But your meeting is in 2 hours and even after a quick stop at your hotel/Airbnb, there’s no way you’ll have enough time…

Ok, you get the point. The Hushed second number app, however, can help relieve some of these headaches.

Different Number on the Same Phone

Our second number app gives you a disposable phone number for the country or district you’re visiting. This means you don’t have to bother with your phone provider back home.

It also means you can activate a disposable number immediately (available in over 40 countries), which saves you from doing a SIM swap once you arrive at your destination.

Same Area Code

The other bonus is that your 2nd phone number will be a number from the area where you’re doing business. So let’s say you’re travelling from New York to San Francisco, your temporary number with a Hushed second number app will be a San Francisco number, which you’ll access from the same phone that you normally use in New York.

Not only can this reduce confusion with San Franciscans who might call you or send you a text on a temporary SMS number when you’re in San Francisco, but it also gives you the chance to separate your San Francisco trip by having a 2nd number while keeping your real phone number exclusive to your personal life.

It’s a straightforward way to make sure you can communicate seamlessly from the time you touch down in a new place to the time you return home.

More Flexibility

Sometimes too, as a small business owner, you’re not sure when you’ll be travelling that far in advance. The Hushed second number app gives you the flexibility to organize a 2nd number, that includes a temporary SMS, on your own time. This helps free you up to focus on other things like your business.

Plus, there’s another little bonus that goes along with this. You get to enjoy your own music rather than having to listen to whatever is playing on hold while you’re waiting to talk travelling rates with your phone provider.

Ok, that’s a trivial point. But sometimes little details like that can add up, making your life easier, however minor it may seem.

Are you about to head out on a business trip?

Try out the Hushed second number app for yourself and see how a temporary number could help make your next business trip a little bit smoother.