Long Distance Family Gifts

Long Distance Family Gifts

When it comes to long distance family gifts, of course, it’s the thought that counts — but if we’re being honest, for the sender, that shipping cost counts quite a bit too. 

Here are 10 ideas for long distance family gifts that deliver big joy at a small cost.

1. Digital Gift Cards

Free to deliver via email or text, a digital gift card is likely the most simple gift you can send to a long distance family member. With infinite options from coffee to clothing, you can find a card for the perfect product at whatever price is in your budget. Just be sure to give your loved one a heads up so it doesn’t wind up in their spam folder.

2. Share a Movie

Send a rental or purchase a movie online for your faraway friend. Or, better yet, use the browser extension Teleparty to chat and watch at the same time for a shared movie night party.

3. Subscription Boxes

The choices for subscription boxes these days are endless. An art print subscription is a lovely way to help your creative friend build their personal art collection while skin care subscriptions can help them plan their own at-home spa days. 

4. Experience Gifts

Check out what is playing at their local community theatre or if any special exhibits are coming to museums nearby. Have their tickets waiting at the box office so all your long distance family member needs to do is arrive and enjoy their special day. 

5. E-Books or Audio Books

Sure, there will never be a replacement for the feel of turning a paper page as you read through a great novel, but delivering an ebook to a loved one’s Kindle is an affordable alternative. Ditto for an audio book for that friend who is always on the move. Share your favourite recent read and then chat about it later when you pick up the phone and call them with your Hushed online number

6. Phone Call

A phone call can be the most special way to brighten someone’s day on their birthday. Especially for those for whom a conversation is their preferred mode of communication. Reach out using your Hushed online number so they can hear you sing Happy Birthday or wish them well directly. 

7. Seed Packets

Anyone can send a bouquet of flowers but for the gardening lover, sending seeds can be a special way to celebrate them and encourage their hobby. Small and light, this easy-to-ship package is the perfect long distance family gift. 

8. A Love Letter

Subvert tradition! Love letters don’t have to be exclusive to your romantic partner. Handwrite a love letter to your special friends or family members as a gift. Snail mail is an oft-overlooked but always appreciated surprise to find in your mailbox. 

9. Online Game or App

Playstation and XBox make it easy to purchase a game through their platforms for digital download, but you can also upgrade someone to the paid version of whatever app they might be playing on their phone these days for just a few dollars.

10. A Virtual Class or Course 

Support your friends’ passions by gifting them a spot in an online class. Whether it’s a fitness stream or a full course through MasterClass or Skillshare, this could be the indulgence they haven’t made time for themselves. Bonus points if you join the class with them!