Increase Your Productivity with an Extra Phone Number


So you’ve added an extra phone number—now what? How do you use that new number to stay on top of your life and become more productive? 

Hushed is a mobile app that puts the power of extra phone numbers into your hands. With Hushed, you can add new phone numbers to your mobile device cheaply and easily through our app. But how you make those extra phone numbers work for you is your choice. 

Our best advice is to keep things simple. Here are our top tips for using your extra phone number to be more productive in work and in daily life:

#1 Divide your contacts

Start giving out your Hushed phone number. Whether that means adding it to your email signature, or just texting a bunch of people and saying, “Hey, here’s my new number!” is up to you. It’ll help you keep your work and personal contacts distinct. And they’ll never know that it’s not your real number; as far as they know, your Hushed number may be your only number!

#2 Customize your number

Record a new voicemail message, or set up auto-reply text messages. Rename your number—maybe your UK mobile number can be named “Volunteer Contacts,” and your Los Angeles number turns into “Dating/Tinder.” 

Too busy to check the app? Not a problem! With the call forwarding feature, you can send incoming calls directly from your Hushed number to your regular old cell phone number.

#3 Create balance with your number

Whether you’re using your second number for volunteering, dating, or just to keep in touch with friends and family, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got some downtime scheduled.

Send your calls to voicemail at the end of the workday, so that you’re not interrupted during date night or self-care Saturday. Or try setting a prerecorded out-of-office voicemail message that lets callers know your available hours. 

#4 Cultivate new relationships

Online dating? Go for the second number. New business leads? Use the second number. Signing up for a mailing list or e-retailer contact? Give them your second number.

When you’re giving out your phone number to a stranger, you’ll want to be careful. Hushed is a great alternative to traditional phone numbers for exactly this reason. You can easily burn numbers if a new romance fizzles out, or that job opportunity falls flat. Or keep freelance clients from interrupting your free time by giving them dedicated numbers and sending them to voicemail. The options are endless.

#5 Keep your personal information private

Your regular cell phone number contains a ton of valuable personal information. A Hushed number is much safer to distribute. When you sign up with Hushed, you don’t reveal much at all—we only request your email address when you sign up, not your name, date of birth, or real phone number. 

Use your Hushed number for situations when you want to stay as private as possible. You never know when a marketing firm or social media site is building a profile on you, so give them the least possible data to work with. 

It’s never been easier to get a second phone number

Adding a second number (or more) is a great option to add productivity, simplicity to your daily routine. Whether it’s for business, travel, dating, a side-hustle, or just to stay organized, Hushed is the only name in second phone numbers.