How to Get a Fake US Number Right Now

|It’s easy to start calling and texting with your fake US number. So try out the Hushed phone number generator

When we talk about “fake numbers,” we’re referencing disposable, temporary phone numbers. They are “fake” because you don’t them from a typical number provider like Verizon or T-Mobile, and you don’t sign a contract for your number. You can add a fake US number to your online-safety survival kit and dispose of it whenever you like!

What is a fake number?

A fake phone number is a temporary number you use and then lose!

There are plenty of websites and apps offering these numbers, but we think the best option is Hushed.  Hushed is an app that allows you to select from an unlimited supply of temporary numbers. You can use these numbers for calling and texting, just like normal phone numbers!

Hushed uses VoIP numbers, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means that all calls and texts are made over the internet with virtual numbers. With VoIP, you’re not using your cellular calling minutes. Better yet, your calls and texts are not connected to your cell number at all. It’s impossible for your number to be traced back to you!

There are other types of fake numbers to consider. Sites like, for example, provide “100% non-working” random phone numbers. These fake telephone numbers could be useful if you just want a real-looking number that you are certain is not already in use. You could, for example, use it the next time someone asks you out and you never want to hear from them again.

But if you want a real phone number generator that you can actually use for calling and texting, you’ve come to the right place!

Why would I need a fake US number?


Great question! Let’s explore some of the reasons you might want to use a fake instead of your regular cell number or landline.


Sites like eHarmony and apps like Tinder have never been so popular. Tinder, for example, has more than fifty million users! Most matches move over from in-app chatting to SMS texting pretty quickly. But you may not want to give out your own personal number right away to a new connection. Instead, keep them at a reasonable distance with a fake number (they’ll have no idea it’s not your real number!)

Online Buying or Selling

Any online commerce site (like Craigslist or eBay) where you are interacting with the general public is a risk to your personal information. If you have a sale to make or an item to buy, a local fake US number is sensible. With a Hushed number, you can reply to ads and then burn the number as soon as you’re finished with it! Or if you want to start up a side-hustle, use your fake as your dedicated business line.

Job Applications

Most job applications are online these days, and all require your contact information. Considering the growing prevalence of identity-theft scammers posting on job boards and recruiting sites, using a temporary number isn’t just practical, it’s essential for securing your personal data.

Business Lines

Many people, from realtors to collection agencies to private detectives, use fake telephone numbers. A longer-term fake number can be incredibly useful for ensuring that your personal number remains separate from your business; it’s great for balancing work and life on the go! Hushed even offers toll-free numbers.

Social Media

Almost every website and app requires a phone number when you sign up, but do you really want to give Facebook your phone number? Some also require you to be in a specific geographic area, so if you’re outside the country you’re out of luck. Avoid the hassle by using your Hushed fake US number instead.


Say you’re out of the country for a while. Calls from your normal cell phone number to your loved ones back home are expensive, and if you get a new local number in the country you’re staying in, they could still be expensive. A solution is a temporary number, which would give you the ability to call and text to your loved ones stateside without getting hit with long-distance charges.

Personal Freedom

If you suspect you’re being surveilled, a fake number is an optimal way to avoid prying eyes and keep your personal conversations private. Or if you’re seeking a way out of a controlling or abusive relationship, a fake number can be your way out.  Katie Holmes made headlines back in 2012 when she used a burner phone to secretly arrange her divorce from Tom Cruise – if she had used a fake number, she wouldn’t have needed a separate phone!


What requirements are there to get a fake number?

Hushed is a mobile app and is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. The following requirements are needed for your device to support Hushed:

Apple devices – iOS 10.0 or higher

Android devices – 5.0 or higher

You do not need to have cellular phone service. If you have an old device that you are able to connect to the internet, but no phone plan for it, don’t worry! You can still use Hushed.

Hushed uses an internet connection to facilitate calling and texting, so you would need to use WiFi or mobile data. Provided you have a stable internet connection, you are able to use the app and your fake number!

How does a fake number work on my phone?

You can use Hushed from anywhere worldwide, as long as you have an internet connection.

Better yet, you are not restricted to just one number! We’ve been using fake US numbers as an example because they are the most popular kind of temporary numbers. But unlike other apps, Hushed has numbers from all over the world! You could also select a fake Canada number, a fake UK number – or many other temporary phone numbers from dozens of other countries.

Hushed has absolutely no interaction with your real phone number because it uses VoIP numbers over a mobile app. When you download the Hushed app, incoming calls ring through to your smartphone via the app. This entirely bypasses any interaction with your real telephone number!

So don’t worry about your fake number showing up on your phone bill with your service provider. There are no contracts to sign or cancellation fees if you decide to delete your number. Use it, and ditch it when you’re done with it!

It’s a simple sign up process, and even easier to start calling and texting with your fake US number. So try out the Hushed phone number generator, and learn how beneficial a fake can be!