Growing Your Business with a Second Phone Number

|A second local number is essential for any business that relies on inbound or outbound phone sales: Let’s explore how you can benefit from this simple tool.

Your business has been growing but you’re looking for new customers outside your local area to take it to the next level. It’s challenging to break into a new market, but one of the easiest ways to build trust is with a second phone number in your new customers’ area code.

A familiar phone number is essential for any business that relies on inbound or outbound phone sales: let’s explore how your business can benefit from this simple, cost-effective tool.

Local Phone Numbers Are the First Step to Build Customer Trust

With the emphasis on shopping locally having your business appear within your customer’s area code might mean the difference between a sale and a pass. A local phone number shows customers you’re committed to building a great relationships with them by being accessible and easy to contact. At a glance an unfamiliar area code means long-distance fees and shipping hassles.

Great customer relationships are built on familiarity and trust. They know you and trust you can solve their problems. And it all begins by making the effort to show up locally for them.

Why is Having a Local Phone Number so Important?

Remember those first few customers you had, back when nobody had ever heard of you? You spent a lot of time getting people to remember you and showing them you provide a great product or service. Once those customers were comfortable buying from you, they had no problem calling you or recommending you to others. That was when your sales likely began to take off.

Getting a second phone number is the first step to achieving that same success at scale.

It is common knowledge among sales professionals that people are much more likely to pick up on a number with a local area code. A local number shows you’re part of your customers’ community and ready to connect and help them.

For inbound sales it’s a similar story. A local number means getting to talk to a real person, not spending half an hour on an automated call.

Finally: having a local number may even help with your Google results when you’re trying to expand into new territory.

Examples of Businesses that Benefit Most from a Second Phone Number

Online Sales

Online sales are growing dramatically. Customers shopping online are always looking for clues to guide their purchase decision. Having a local number (or even in the same state/province or country) can put them at ease for customer support, shipping, and make it easier for them to call if they have questions. Every little advantage helps them choose to click the ‘buy’ button on your website.

Sales Representatives

Regional sales reps for retail stores, restaurants, and other consumer products must be there for their clients. Having a second phone number shows you’re available and attentive to what they need.

Real Estate Agents

Depending on the limits of your license, real estate brokers can serve customers anywhere in a state or province. Having a local number is a useful tool to help manage listings. You could go one step further, and have a dedicated number and voicemail containing information for each listing.

Getting a Second Local Phone Number has Never been Easier!

Getting a second phone line used to be an expensive hassle. Now Hushed makes it cheap and easy set up and manage second (or third, or fourth) phone number in over 300 area codes across North America (plus 60 more worldwide) in minutes. Your business is on its way to building great customer relationships – get started with a free second number today!