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808 area code serves the developed, inhabited, and unoccupied areas of the Hawaii islands, including Midway Island and Wake Island, and most notably, Honolulu.

The 808 area code was issued in 1957, and is the only area code for the state, despite there being 1.3 million residents across 137 islands.

Each individual telephone number in the United States and Canada is assigned a seven-digit telephone number. They consist of a three-digit central office code or “exchange code,” plus a four-digit station number. These seven-digit sequences are unique only within their respective area codes and can be repeated in other codes. Together with the area code, the central office code and station code form a complete 10 digit telephone number.

Hawaii is the only US state located outside of North America and is the only island state. Its state flower is the Yellow Hibiscus, which is common across the state.

Hawaii is very popular for travel; it offers beaches for snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing and diverse natural sites including volcanoes. The warm tropical climate means that travel and tourism here is always booming.

The Merrie Monarch Festival - a Hula competition, and the Hawaii International Film Festival bring many travelers to the state. Many celebrities were born in Hawaii, such as Jason Momoa from "Aquaman", musician Bruno Mars, and former president Barack Obama.

Located in the Atlantic ocean, it is the only state with its own time zone, the Hawaii Standard Time zone. Hawaii is also the only state that is physically growing! The volcanoes that make up the state erupt into the ocean, making new land.

If you are planning a vacation or looking for a new 808 phone number, get Hushed! Hushed offers various plans to meet your needs, so you can start calling and texting with a Hawaii phone number today!

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