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Denver Area Code 720

Area code 720 serves the Denver, Colorado region. The 720 area code was deployed on June 1, 1998, as an overlay for area code 303. Both 720 and 303 serve the combined area.

Area code 303 was originally deployed in 1947 under the North American Numbering Plan administration (NANP). The goal of the NANP was to standardize telephone dialling formats in the United States and Canada. It divided the territory and assigned each location a three-digit prefix, an "area code."

Each individual telephone number in the United States and Canada is assigned a seven-digit telephone number. These numbers are made up of a three-digit central office code, plus a four-digit station number. These seven-digit strings are unique only within their respective area codes.

The area code, central office code and station code together form a complete 10 digit telephone number.

Seven-digit (local format) allows a caller to dial a local number without including its area code. In most of the US and Canada, 10-digit dialling is mandatory. For international calling, the North American Numbering Plan uses the international code +1.

720 covers Colorado Springs and Southeastern Colorado consisting of Pueblo, FLorence, Trinidad, and Parker. Locations include Aurora, Brighton, Deer Trail, Denver, Englewood, Fort Lupton, Golden, Henderson, Hudson, Idaho Springs, Keenesburg, Littleton, Longmont, Lyons, and Sedalia.

Denver bears the nickname “the Mile High City” because its elevation above sea level is exactly one mile (5280 feet). It was founded as a Gold Rush-era mining town and has grown into a sprawling city. Denver locals enjoy the nearby Colorado Springs hot springs, and the Rocky Mountains.

Denver has an estimated population of 716,492 residents and is located within the Mountain Time Zone.

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