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Area code 480 covers the location of Scottsdale, Arizona. 480 was originally created as an overlay area code for Phoenix, Arizona. This was changed later to be a three-way split across the state of Arizona with the 623 and 602 area codes.

The 480 area code covers Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and Northeast Phoenix.

Each telephone number in the United States and Canada is assigned a seven-digit telephone number. These seven-digit sequences are unique only within their specific area codes.

Seven-digit (local format) calling allows a caller to dial a local number without including its area code. In most of the US and Canada, 10-digit dialing is mandatory. For international calling, the North American Numbering Plan uses the international code +1.

To dial a Scottsdale phone number internationally, the caller would need to enter the number as +1 480 xxx xxxx.

Also known as “The West’s Most Western Town” Scottsdale Arizona is famous for its late-night party scene and its popular hotels and clubs. The city is divided into four very different districts, meaning it has something for everyone.

South Scottsdale has the “Motor Mile”, a street which had 31 open car dealerships on it. Many companies moved to this area of town as it became a booming economic area. Old Town Scottsdale is the historical and cultural district and is home to the nightclub and bar scene.

The Shea Corridor includes most of the houses, and also many resorts and hotels making it most popular for travelers. North Scottsdale is the fastest growing area of the city and houses the headquarters of DHL, Fidelity Investments, GoDaddy, and more.

Scottsdale has many businesses and tourist attractions, so 480 area code numbers are great for anyone traveling or looking into business in Arizona.

To get a Scottsdale Arizona phone number, check out the 480 numbers from Hushed!

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