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Montréal Area Code 438

Area code 438 serves the Montreal area, including the locations of Montreal Island, Île Perrot, and Île Bizard. Area code 438 is an overlay of the original Montreal area code 514. All 438 phone numbers are coded as Montreal.

Under the North American Numbering Plan, each individual telephone number is made up of a seven-digit telephone number and a three-digit regional prefix. These seven-digit sequences can be repeated across many different area codes.

The area, central office, and station code form a complete 10 digit telephone number. This applies to both cell phone and landline numbers.

Mexico does not participate in the North American Numbering Plan. All phone companies in the US and Canada do have to adhere to the numbering plan formatting.

To dial a Montreal number internationally, the caller would need to enter the number as +1 438 xxx xxxx.

Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec and is the second-largest city in Canada. Montreal was once known as Ville Marie.

The name Montreal comes from Mount Royal, the famous triple-peaked hill at the center of the city. The official language of Montreal is French, in accordance with the province’s Francophone history. As of 2016, 56% of the population of Montreal is fully bilingual, speaking both French and English. 60% of Montrealers consider French as their primary language. Bilingualism is an official policy in Montreal, with all signage displayed in French. If any English is displayed, it must be in smaller lettering than the French wording, by law.

Montreal has a distinct climate including frigid, snowy winters and hot, humid summers. It’s well known as a tourism destination. Popular industries in Montreal include aerospace technology, medicine, engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing, and tourism. Montreal has a population of over 4 million residents, including outlying suburbs.

For a Montreal local number, you can’t go wrong with a 438 Hushed number!

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