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Toronto Area Code 416

Area code 416 serves the Toronto, Ontario region. 647 is an overlay for area code 416 and serves the same area. It was assigned under the rules of the North American Numbering Plan, which governs area codes in the United States and Canada.

Under the North American Numbering Plan, each individual telephone number is made up of a seven-digit telephone number and a three-digit regional prefix. These seven-digit sequences can be repeated across many different area codes.

The area, central office, and station code form a complete 10 digit telephone number. This applies to both cell phone and landline numbers.

Mexico does not participate in the North American Numbering Plan. All phone companies in the US and Canada do have to adhere to the numbering plan formatting.

Local dialing allows a caller to dial a local number without including its area code. In most of the US and Canada, 10-digit dialling is mandatory. For international calling, the North American Numbering Plan uses the international code +1. 

All 647 and 416 area code numbers are assigned to Toronto. These codes cover all 6 boroughs of the city: Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York, East York and Toronto proper, which were amalgamated in 1998.

The Greater Toronto Area (or “GTA”) is home to 5.9 million people, while Toronto itself has over 3 million residents. It is the largest city in Canada by population and is located within the Eastern Time Zone. People from the city are called "Torontonians."

Toronto is the home of the CN Tower, the Toronto Raptors basketball team, and the musical artist Drake. Drake coined the term “the 6” to refer to Toronto, as an homage to his hometown. This nickname is supposedly derived from the six original boroughs of the city. However, Drake actually debunked this rumour and explained that it’s a direct reference to the two major area codes in Toronto: 416 and 647. Both area code 416 and area code 647 have the number "6", leading the artist to reference that specific number in many songs.

If you’re a fan of Toronto (or “Toronno,” as the locals call it), you can’t go wrong with a 416 phone number from Hushed!

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