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Area code 316 is the assigned area codes for the US state of Kansas. It covers the city of Wichita, which is the largest city in Kansas by population. The area code previously covered all of southern Kansas. The 316 area code was put into service on January 1st, 2947, under the North American Numbering Plan.

Under the NANP, every individual telephone number in the United States and Canada is assigned a seven-digit telephone number. These seven-digit sequences are unique only within their respective area codes and can actually be repeated in other, different area codes!

The area, central office, and station code form a complete 10 digit telephone number. This applies to both cell phone and landline numbers.

Seven-digit (local format) allows a caller to dial a local number without including its area code. In most of the US and Canada, 10-digit dialling is mandatory. For international calling, the North American Numbering Plan uses the international code +1. 

To dial a Wichita number internationally, the caller would need to enter the number as +1 316 xxx xxxx.

The 316 code originally served the southern half of Kansas only. 316 was split in 2001, which created the need to update some of the local Kansas phone numbers to the overlay code 620.

Wichita is located in the central time zone. The 316 area code covers Butler, Harvey and Sedgwick counties. Cities and towns covered by this area code include Andover, Augusta, Derby, El Dorado, Haysville, and Newton, in addition to Wichita.

Wichita, Kansas is known as the "Air Capital of the World." It is the birthplace of two famous fast food chains: White Castle and Pizza Hut.

Wichita has a population of just over 415,000 as of 2019.

For a Wichita phone number, get a 316 number from Hushed!

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