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Stamford is home of the 203 area code

More information about Stamford

Within area code 203, Stamford is a city in Connecticut located in Fairfield County. Stamford is well-known as 'The City That Works'. This is a diverse city with lots to offer, from its rich culture to the many coastal parks and local eateries. Stamford hosts several attractions including the Stamford Museum & Nature Center, the beautiful Cove Island Park, hiking trails, bird habitats and the Mill River Park.

In addition to Stamford, Hushed services and includes Westport, Stratford, Trumbull, Waterbury, West Haven, and Naugatuck.

Places to visit in Stamford

Visiting Stamford & area?

Once you are connected with your new phone number you may want to check out these places.

  • Olio - One of the top restaurants in the area offering new American cuisine with a focus on seasonal ingredients. This restaurant uses local and organic products in each menu item.
  • Cafe Silvium - This cafe is a family-owned location offering a variety of fresh Italian food with a homely atmosphere.
  • Taj - An Indian restaurant featuring Indian dishes with unique combinations and new flavours. Besides the restaurant's freshly prepared food, this eatery is also popular for serving exotic and innovative drinks.
  • More dining out in Stamford
Things to do in Stamford

Must-see spots in Stamford & area?

  • House of Lights - Known as 'Tony's House of Lights', this is a top destination for visitors and locals. It's a residential home that is fully decorated from front to back with almost 60,000 lights. People come from all around to experience this festive and unique attraction.
  • Cove Island Park - One of the region's best parks, which features a huge area for outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming and beautiful views of waterfowl.
  • Hoyt Barnum House - Built in 1699, Hoyt Barnum House is a Cape Cod cottage-style structure. It is the oldest home in the city and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • More things to do in Stamford

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