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With over 8 million downloads, Hushed is a leading app for second phone numbers for calling and texting. Available for both iOS and Android, Hushed makes it easy to get a second phone number in over 300 area codes in the USA, Canada, and UK. Hushed is a perfect solution for both personal and business calling – anybody who needs a second number!

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Affiliate Benefits

  • 40% commission rate on sales!
  • 60 day cookie expiry
  • Customized landing pages, e.g. available
  • Additional scripts, templates, and assets available to fit your content
  • Dedicated affiliate sales manager
  • Free product trial
  • Swag and bonuses for top performers

Who’s using Hushed?

  • Dating – want to chat with matches without disclosing your real phone number? Hushed makes it safe and easy
  • Online selling – want to provide customer with a contact number for customer service? Hushed is perfect
  • Sales – need a phone number closer to your customers? Hushed lets you choose from over 300 area codes in US, Canada, and UK
  • Privacy – privacy and anonymity are important. Hushed lets you talk and text without revealing your identity and contact information
  • Friends and family – talk to friends and family with a number nearby rather than expensive international long distance
  • Budget minders – Hushed lets you use wifi networks for calling rather than mobile carriers and save big money

Search Policy

Hushed encourages affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use our trademark name, our domain name or misspellings or variations of these. Please see our Affiliate Guide at for our detailed SEM policy.

Affiliate Contact

Hushed has dedicated support for affiliates. Please check this page for resources or contact affiliate support.

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