A Masked Number is a Privacy Essential

|Your safety should be your number one priority—and that means always having a backup plan. The solution is simple

A Masked number will keep you safe the next time someone random asks, “Hey, how about giving me your number?”

If you’re interested in the person asking, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a new potential partner or friend. 

But if you’re not interested, it’s a social landmine. Maybe they’re just not what you’re looking for. Maybe they give off a creepy vibe, have had too many drinks, or just seem aggressive. Whatever the reason, something is telling you not to trust them. 

The best thing you can do is listen to your intuition. Do NOT give out your number to somebody you feel weird trusting with your personal information.

But saying “No, you can’t have my number!” can also be dangerous. It’s an uncomfortable stance to take. How well do you know this person you are rejecting? Is there a chance they may become violent or erratic if you decline to give out your contact details? Are you in a public place with friends or bystanders, or are you in an isolated location where things could go sour quickly? 

Your safety should be your number one priority—and that means always having a backup plan. 

The solution is simple, just use a masked number.

Masked numbers protect your privacy

Imagine this: you’re out at a club or a party, and you meet a new guy. He catches your eye and you start chatting. 

Scenario #1: You like this guy, and you want to see him again. 

But you just met him, you don’t know any of his friends, and when you run to the washroom to scan for his social media presence, you can’t find any good info. You two don’t have any Facebook or Instagram connections in common, and he doesn’t seem to be on Linkedin, Twitter or Snapchat. All his accounts are private. You like the vibe you’re getting from him, but he might be a serial killer for all you know! 

It’s time to try out a masked number.

Get a private Hushed number from the Hushed mobile app and give it to him. When he calls you, all you need to do is answer it in the Hushed app. When he texts you, reply through the Hushed app. 

From his side of things, he’ll see a totally normal number! And have no idea it’s not a “real” number.  No need to feel guilty about hiding your number.

You can even get a local number in your region. Hushed offers numbers in many different area codes. 

So as far as he can tell, you’ve just given him your real phone number, and he can use it to contact you and stay in touch. Maybe even set up a first date, so you can get to know each other better.

Scenario #2: This guy is not for you, and you don’t want him to have your contact details 

He has weird energy, he’s a Scorpio, he mentions a ton of crazy ex-girlfriends and his breath is atrocious. Whatever the reason, you’re picking up warning signs. You really don’t want to talk to him anymore, but he’s not taking the hint. 

When he asks for your number, your first instinct is to use a fake and just make up a random string of digits. But what if he tries that old standby, and says “Oh, I’ll text you so you have my number too,” and texts you right there and then? You’re busted! 

Use a masked number! 

Get your Hushed number, and text him right back! Now he has your number, and again, it looks and behaves just like your real number. But as soon as you’re home safe for the night, you can launch the app and delete that number. 

Why do I need a masked number? Why not use my real number?

Consider how powerful your real phone number is. It’s tied to your social media accounts, you’ve probably used it on your resume or college website profile. Googling yourself (your name plus your phone number) can reveal just how much information is tied to your number. 

With a Hushed number, you can create a number for as much time as you want. Get a 7 Day Number for only $1.99 USD and use it short-term. Or get a 365 Day Number and keep it as a dedicated second number! 

You can even use call forwarding to send calls from your masked number to your real number! The possibilities are wide open. Hushed is available from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

Other services let you create a masked number for one-time use, but the danger with that is that you can’t receive real calls or texts. This might work with a creepy guy you never want to hear from. But definitely won’t work with your new potential romantic partner that you just need a little time to get to know. 

To keep the lines of communication open, try a Hushed number, and start masking your real number! 

What exactly does a Masked Phone number do for me?

Privacy isn’t guaranteed. To keep control of your personal information, you need to be proactive. 

Say your dream guy from scenario #1 turns out to be a nightmare. If you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or just don’t want to keep in touch anymore, you can delete your number and cut off all contact. 

This is different from simply “blocking” their number with your cell phone or using a call blocking code. In those cases, he could always call or text you from a friend’s phone, or buy his own temporary number, to get back in touch. 

Deleting your masked number cuts off all future contact, keeping you safe. Masked numbers are the best option for protecting your privacy when sharing contact information.