1. Traveling to the Rio Olympics? Get a Temporary Phone number for Your Trip – and Remember the Mosquito Repellent.

    Next to Sochi, no other Olympics in recent memory seems as chaotic as the one that’s about to get underway in Rio. Let’s look at a brief synopsis of what’s happened so far….

    Rio Olympics Logo
  2. Make Business Travel Less Turbulent with a 2nd Phone Number

    Most business travellers can acknowledge business travel doesn’t always go smoothly. Airline delays, accommodations that look better online than in real-life, the mysterious disappearance of your rental car reservations, and, of course, rarely…

    Inside of Plane - Aisle Shot
  3. To Use a Burner Number or to Not Use a Burner Number? That is The Dating Question

    Everyone who’s dated knows it can be a tricky process. Meeting someone new is a challenge. Will we get along? Who are they? What are their interests? And if that person is someone…

    Couple Holding Hands
  4. From Burner Phone Numbers on The Wire to a Wireless Burner Phone App

    Have you seen The Wire? A few years ago you would hear that question all the time. There was a good reason. The TV show drew you into a world of memorable characters…

    The Wire Title Screen