1. Had Trouble Shaking a Bad Date? Travel with a Burner Number in Your Pocket to Make Sure History Stays History.

    “Did you get her phone number?” and “Did you give him your phone number?” have to be two of the most frequently asked questions your friends will pose. (Yes, they’ll ask a lot…

    Angry Couple on Sofa
  2. Worried About a Date? Get the Backup You Need with a Burner Number.

    Don’t have more than two drinks. Dress smartly but not stuffy. Avoid talking about religion, politics, your last relationship, clowns and mental neuroses. And for god sake, wear something black. Everyone is happy…

    Coffee Date
  3. To Use a Burner Number or to Not Use a Burner Number? That is The Dating Question

    Everyone who’s dated knows it can be a tricky process. Meeting someone new is a challenge. Will we get along? Who are they? What are their interests? And if that person is someone…

    Couple Holding Hands