Billing Support and FAQ

Methods of Payment – What type of payment methods are accepted on Hushed?

In-app purchases are processed directly through your iTunes or Google Play account! Please refer to the links below for accepted methods of payment within the app stores.

You can also quickly add Hushed credits and numbers to your account directly through the web using credit cards and cryptocurrency! Visit​ to get started.

Online Top-Up – How can I add Hushed credits or numbers without using iTunes/Google Play?

With our ​Online Top-Up​ feature, you can add Hushed credits and numbers to your account directly through the web, using credit cards and cryptocurrency!

Visit ​​ ​for more information!

Stripe Purchase Interruption – I was charged but did not receive my purchase? I paid with a credit card on the website.

Credit card purchases made on the Hushed website are managed through Stripe or Coinbase. Interruptions are not common, however, if you do make a purchase that is charged to your credit card but is not available on your account then Hushed Support can help.

Please contact us at or contact us through the Hushed site with your account email, or with your Stripe transaction order number so we can help! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow 1 business day for a response.

If you have made multiple purchases please also provide us with the credit amount you selected, and the time/date of the purchase that is missing or interrupted so we can make sure that all purchases are delivered.

Coinbase Purchase Interruption – I was charged but did not receive my purchase? I paid with Cryptocurrency.

There are two reasons why a Hushed purchase made through Coinbase would not be immediately available on your Hushed account: an OVER or UNDER payment detected by our payment system, or late or pending payment.

This occurs due to slight fluctuations in the value of the cryptocurrency being used, or due to selecting the wrong amount at checkout. Late payments can be caused by a fluctuating network or due to other interruptions while the transaction is processing.

If your payment is not available on your Hushed account you should receive an email letting you know that there has been an UNDER or OVER payment, or, that the payment was detected late.

Please contact us at or through our website and provide us with the code for the OVER/UNDER or late payment so we can locate that transaction and credit your account for it. This code is normally 8 digits long, ex. A1BC2D34. Please allow 1 business day for a response.

If you did not receive any code to your Hushed account email please provide us with the credit amount you were attempting to purchase, as well as the time and date of purchase, and your account email that you were purchasing the credit on, we will then be able to locate and credit the transaction to your account.

Hushed Lifetime Numbers -What are they, and what do I do once I have one?

Hushed offers the ability to hold your number without having to manually renew that number, and keep it for life!

Hushed Lifetime Numbers allow you to have a permanent number through Hushed for a one-time fee, and that number will top up annually with a set amount of call minutes or SMS messages every year for life, so you do not have to pay a monthly or annual fee to keep the number!

Lifetime Numbers are sold through our vendor partners, they cannot be purchased directly in the Hushed app.

Once you have made the purchase through our third-party vendor, you will be sent an email with a redemption link and code, this will allow you to click the link and input the redemption code and your Hushed account email, and if you do not already have a Hushed account it will be automatically generated for you.

The offer is then available on your account, and you can claim it using the steps below.

How to choose a number once the offer is available on my account?

  1. From the main login screen, go to the Get New Number menu
  2. Select the number of your choice, and proceed through to the payment menu.
  3. The Lifetime Number should be showing at the top of the menu screen for available plans, and will be listed as Free since it is live on your account.
  4. Select that Free payment method and you will have completed the selection process for your new Number.

As per the offer details, please make sure to use your number at least once every six months (one outbound call or SMS) to ensure the number remains active on your account. Other terms vary per offer, we recommend reviewing the offer before purchase.

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