Become a Hushed Affiliate

With more than 25 million downloads, Hushed is a leading app for second phone numbers for calling and texting.

Available for both iOS and Android, Hushed makes it easy to get a second phone number in 300+ area codes in the United States, Canada, and the U.K.


Affiliates benefits

  • 40% commission rate on sales
  • 60-day cookie expiry
  • Additional scripts, templates, and assets available to fit your content
  • Swag and bonuses for top performers

Who is using Hushed?

Icon for anonymous calling

anonymous calling

Make and receive calls with an anonymous phone number. Nothing is connected to your regular phone number, or shows up on a phone bill.


Send and receive texts, GIFs, photos, videos, and audio messages on your own secure phone number. Keep every conversation private.

Manage multiple private numbers

Separate each area of your life with multiple phone numbers from Hushed. Keep each number as long as you’d like, or delete them and get new ones.

auto-reply messages

Automatically respond to any text message sent to your Hushed number. You can set rules and responses for every situation.

multiple devices icon

multiple devices

Log into your Hushed account on any mobile device (including tablets) to call and text. It’s a great way to turn an old phone into a working phone again!

separate contacts icon

separate contacts

Load existing contacts from your device into Hushed, or create private contacts that are only accessible within your Hushed account.

Hushed encourages affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use our trademark name, our domain name or misspellings or variations of these.

Interested in becoming a Hushed affiliate? We’d love to have you join the team. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if we can help you with your promotions.